Children wash their feet for their mothers, but mothers only bow their heads to play with mobile phones

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hongxingxinwen· 2017-05-16 10:07:04

" according to the Dali TV station, star news, May 12, 2017, Yunnan Dali TV official micro-blog released a set of photos, reported a local kindergarten children for the mother's feet, news, said the move was "Thanksgiving mother's Day", but the scene photos show some my mother seems to just bow to play mobile phone.

" this event was organized by the kindergarten teacher in Dali, television news said: the kids read poetry, singing at the event, returned to his mother's feet, to organize such activities, hope to let the children (kindergarten) learn to Thanksgiving, filial piety.

, some parents interviewed said that the child's move to move them. "I really didn't do it for my parents," said Cao Yunzhu, the parent. "Today is my role model.". The word "deputy director of Hongyan said that education practitioners have the obligation to Ancient Chinese Literature Search affectionately generation culture, so hosting this event.

, however, the reporter has photos from the scene to see, on the day, many mothers seem to just play down the mobile phone, a netizen message said "even micro-blog formalism".

" at noon today, the kindergarten teaching deputy director Hu Jianmei accept Star News, "thanksgiving" activities in Dali normal young feet affiliated kindergarten has been held 5 times, the activity by the class grade group 9 classes and more than and 400 students in the mother, "the scene is very warm. "She introduced the event, in addition to the mother's feet, the children singing, flowers, read poetry to express her love to mother.

" for the mother to play down the mobile phone this behavior, Hu Jianmei explained, because the parents want to record the instantaneous psychological growth of children, the kindergarten teacher did not limit the use of mobile phone "mother, mother who use mobile phone in the process of filming and photography, most are immersed in Thanksgiving atmosphere. "She said," feet washing activities for about an hour, the children are very devoted, and did not play on the phone mother expressed resentment.

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