Grow fat, ugly, sleep... Which is not the way mother came here!

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zhizihua· 2017-05-16 14:40:49


, the sweet mother figure

when it comes to this topic, you will not think of many female stars?

gave birth to the child, with the suddenness of a thunderbolt returned to pre figure, and continue to entertainment in good out of a bandbox, big business!

" to their rapid recovery of the body, envy, envy, hate, have wood?

but... They eat to lose weight on the image, dynamic nature is beyond ordinary people several times; they don't worry about the money spent, there are all kinds of professionals to help her carefully nursed back to health, more gold to help solve the housework and childcare nanny menace from the rear.

even so, I still see a lot of female stars when they're mom, and they're nothing like two people. They also become fat, ugly, and lose their hair, with big black eyes every day!

yes, I want to say, this is what an ordinary woman looks like after she has finished her baby.

we don't dare to go on a diet so fast, because we want to produce and maintain enough milk for our babies.

we can't go out to socialize so fast, because we have to do a good confinement to let our relatives and family feel relieved.

of course, because do not want to or can not afford a nanny Yuesao nutritionist, we are the hands of the baby.

said that when the mother is great, for the baby, you can sacrifice anything.

that's right. At the same time of sacrifice, we should do our best. No matter what year, three, five years or a lifetime, on the road of becoming thinner, becoming more beautiful and happier, we can truly interpret the definition of love.

no, we don't have a pot boiling every day. Open up all kinds of Tucao patterns.

man on fat and ugly

@ Nathan:

cry every day, with dishevelled hair and a dirty face. Before pregnancy, I do not make-up, not see people, and now make a day in the day, tired of my lumbar backache, no, who wants beauty, who go to the United States, I have no strength.

@ nubao:

I sit the confinement in the mirror, I was scared to death, quickly even posted a week to recover the mask. Then buy, buy, buy, and make great efforts to fill the face, recently felt like a person. A woman is old when she is a child. I don't think it has anything to do with production. It's about taking children! You can't sleep, you don't have to be old. Women have to compete with losing weight and and beauty all their lives.

@ David Ma:

gave birth to the child you don't want to have a head. I also do not comb the hair with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, every day, like a ghost, bad skin.

@ Big Mama:

same, I put a mask today, the essence of the mask was sucked dry! After the pregnancy, the cosmetics were delivered. After birth, the skin care program is reduced to one!


: big lazy you can understand the previous sadness pants only mentioned the thigh root? I natural delivery, fat a few jin. The birth of a child, the body and face to be abolished. Mother


said Caesarean half a year after the fitness

@ vanadium mother:


man on no sleep

@ core Mom:

than the alarm clock on time, call me up every morning at 6 a.m..

@ everything mother:

, my house has been sleeping, shaking his head is what ghost? Shake your head, then shake your arms and legs, once a few seconds. When I turn on the light, she doesn't shake!

@ little apple:

, alas, so tired. I slept 2 hours yesterday. At 6 in the afternoon, bicycle, subway, bus, all the way home 7:50. Bathe the baby, wash the baby's clothes, feed and sleep. It will be 9:30 in the twinkling of an eye. Then I had supper, and then I took a bath myself. When I finished, I wanted to read the book, and then fell asleep on the table.

@ Meizhou girl:

my Meimei is seven points more than more than and 20 minutes of sleep, sleep after a bath for 10 minutes, then have hi. When trapped, to milk does not drink, has been babbling. Hold her up, watch her fall asleep, put down, then wake up, and then, hi! Repeat three or four times, boil me dead, but also to me laugh, anger is not able to come...

@ Han Han mother:

baby, a move, turn over, I will wake up, I feel nervous.

@ small apple:

more than 2 in the morning the night up to feed the milk, then milk, wash pump. The baby is sweating, engage the napkin. Later, the baby woke up again, not sleep, just hold it for a while. Look out, it's going to be light. I feel like I'm gonna be killed!

@ Sun:

yawned and said, "good morning.". The little prince of


and I are at work day and night, with a baby is my job, no salary also burn.

", in these real "Tucao" sound, I see is mom's great and hard!

so, if one day, when you see a woman who has just become a baby and becomes fat and ugly and has dark circles, don't laugh at her. I believe she must be a good mother!

even after many years, she did not recover to the pre pregnant devil figure, but she was from the inside

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