The Regal Que Wenbin Commission was confiscated more than 50 million

Commission Sichuan Dalian investigate

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" [Caixin] (intern reporter Li Liuqian) John Hancock medical and western resources Que Wenbin actual control of the punishment by the csrc. The two listed companies issued the same news on the evening of May 15th.

the Commission administrative punishment beforehand this book said: Que Wenbin suspected of violating securities laws and regulations, the Commission intends to confiscate the illegal income 26 million 571 thousand and 700 yuan, a fine of 26 million 571 thousand and 700 yuan, a total of more than 5300 yuan fines. John Hancock medical group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 002219.SZ, the other said, John Hancock medical) although the company suspected of illegal information disclosure, but minor violations, the Commission no administrative penalty.

's announcement did not describe Que Wenbin's specific punishment for what was done.

Que Wenbin is a native of Sichuan, Chengdu. He has been involved in medicine, new energy vehicles, mining and other industries. From 2012 to 2016, a total of nine selected que Wenbin Hurun global rich list. Hurun Report shows that Que's personal wealth rose from 6 billion 300 million yuan in 2012 to 20 billion yuan in 2015, shrinking by 20% in 2016, down to 16 billion yuan. Its main asset is John Hancock medical registered in Gansu, Longnan.

2016 in February 1st, John Hancock medical and the actual controller Que Wenbin received notice of the investigation commission. In August of the same year, John Hancock medical, said the chairman of directors resigned from the company after the resignation of Que Wenbin, will no longer hold any positions. However, John Hancock medical reported in 2016, the company's actual controller still Que Wenbin, holding 42.57%. Que Wenbin, the other by 1996 the establishment of Sichuan Hengkang development limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the development of the western resources holding Sichuan John Hancock) Cmi Holdings Ltd (600139.SH, hereinafter referred to as the western resources).

John Hancock medical main medical services, medicines and health products manufacturing business, has a "capsule Kudo" trademark, the production of 33 varieties of capsule. The resources and mining sector in Western China has been in poor production, and some mineral products have been set up, mainly to develop new energy vehicles.

Que Wenbin personal wealth growth in recent years, is also the capital of John Hancock medical frequent period. From 2013 onwards, John Hancock medical hospital and pharmaceutical company acquisitions. The report shows that in 2016, John Hancock medical acquired the Third Hospital of Wafangdian City limited liability company, Dalian hospital, Xuyi Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Liao Yu Mt. Hengshan Co., Ltd., Pingxiang City Ganxi hospital Guang'an Fuyuan hospital limited liability company, the two hospital of Chongzhou Co. Ltd., Pengxi Heng Road (Department of orthopedics) Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine limited liability company, Ziyang Wang Jian Shun Medical Hospital Limited hospital. The acquisition behavior of

occurred in the hospital before the Commission of the John Hancock medical and Que Wenbin investigation. At the same time, in the acquisition process in some hospitals, John Hancock medical also by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Regulatory attention.

in addition, by the end of 2014 to 2015, the Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau in succession to John Hancock medical and western resources involving insider trading staff to open a ticket. In the acquisition of western resources, Hengtong electric Hengtong bus in the process of development, Yang from the John Hancock insiders receive insider information to trade stocks, by the Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau punishment; in Dalian hospital and the Third Hospital of Wafangdian City Liaoning fishery acquisition, Dalian area dealers as John Hancock medical middle man Jiangmou and Luo because of insider trading. By the Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau punishment.

in addition to Que Wenbin, nearly a period of time, the Commission has been punished a few executives of listed companies. For example, the Commission on Hui ball technology actual controller Gu Guoping fined 1 million 800 thousand yuan, to the actual control of fresh horse horse convex words fined 4 million 200 thousand yuan, the original founder CEO Li You, Chinese hi tech group chairman Yu Li, the great energy director Wu Lu implementation shichangjinru etc..

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