Someday we'll miss the golden age of sharing bikes

Bike sharing v-mobile ofo golden age

dongdiankeji· 2017-05-16 15:47:25

had thousands of war, the war has created dozens of live hundreds of App for the same category under wonders. Because after all the physical hardware requires a certain threshold, is the outlet on the bicycle industry, although not to the degree of madness thousands of war, but also has dozens of different brand competition, can be said that the competition is already quite saturated. Now

capital was not complete at low tide, we still don't know what will happen to the final market, is probably the largest remaining v-mobile and ofo, the merger of the two and retain their own brands, other competitors disappear completely. Just do not know when the outcome will wait until after the real show.

if a live software, a group buy site disappeared after the capital has disappeared, you probably won't react at all. But if a two or three line shared bike brand disappears on the market, I think I'll miss it a little bit. In other words, I hope on the market two Bimobai survivors, and ofo want to be a little more.

at least emotionally, I think the blue can stay. I here no James blue would not live to the end - I was just stating the blue and not with the run in a group in fact in the front of the v-mobile and ofo. I thought

is free riding turns and ofo Mobell outside the car, but a blue bike throughout May free. It is also because it is free, I have the opportunity to brush Alipay, try the blue. Then I was touched by some of the special places it had on the bike design.

for example, its tail has a LED display Logo, lock the car when driving lights are lit, his strong sense of science and technology of blue. Also, the car and the car lock tone is also a big bright spot. Mobell than just drops twice, I feel blue tone -- if you hear in a quiet street, will remind you that it is twenty-first Century.

if you have to look at the body, you will find a blue "Designed by Apple in salutes similar word mark California". This is also part of the feelings, even if the line is often covered with dirt.

if a single beauty and feelings, the feelings of concentration in the blue bicycle circles are higher than simply a hammer. But obviously, if he hadn't ridden for free a month, I wouldn't have used it at all. In fact, I also intend to free riding at the end of May 31st, if there is no other remaining concessions with blue feelings to say goodbye.

I am quite a price sensitive person myself. I think if someone's discount stops, I won't use it right away. I don't know if I'm a special case, but I think a lot of people are like me. If that's the case, I think sharing bike diversity - and what I haven't experienced, nor the details of speed change or bike sharing - will be a historical inevitability. Perhaps these particularly impressive innovations will be lost in the dust of history.

is like before some copycat machine pattern creation, finally only dual card dual standby success in the era of intelligent machines like him, I want to lose this diversity, is an inevitable result of industrialization. Then the competition failed to occupy the market by Xianshengduoren, had thought in user experience to win, to get respite. But this is the same as the spirit of the past, the face of the face of large-scale social production. Standardized products must be contrary to personalization.

any new category after sufficient competition, at best only one or two brands of the same kind, to meet our most basic needs. That's where the business logic is. Before these cars really leave the stage, let's calm down, enjoy ourselves, and the days when they exist.

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