From the military goddess to Miao flower, the big girl beauty a new height!

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recently, the fourth national flower selection activities "Miao flower" contest in Guizhou Taijiang dropped from the Guizhou University, in the pan Qian Miao girls in the game to win the title, becoming the national flower selection activities "Miao flower".

" Miao flower: Pan Qian Qian is

pan boat town in Kaili City, it is a genuine Miao girl, height 1.71 meters, Junior School of Guizhou University School of music and dance. Before entering the goddess,

let us see her beauty through a few beautiful pictures!

" it is reported that the fourth session of the national flower selection activities by Chinese ethnic culture and art, the organizer will promote people's daily media technology Limited by Share Ltd,, Chinese Internet News Center, Taijiang County People's government.

calendar, after auditions, network voting, semi-finals and other layers of selection, from all over the country 30 Miao girls, five pass, cut six, will enter the final finals. The

finals players through self introduction, ethnic minority costume show, quiz, talent show and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation of players, our goddess pan Qian by virtue of her sweet temperament and superb skills, excellent comprehensive cultural quality of talent shows itself among the participants, the title .

" Xi Xi, the beautiful girl familiar!

originally, as early as three years ago, Pan Qian was net friend called "military goddess" and popular network!

to send a pan Qian makeup uniform as

2014 in September 27th, near the end of a big military, "your army training is the goddess" of micro-blog, quickly became popular on the internet. Micro-blog, a girl dressed in military uniform, elegant eyes, big eyes, looking at the direction of instructors.

a netizen said: "she in your side, then a delay of two days of military training. "

after the media reporters repeatedly asked, to know the netizen said the" military goddess named Pan Qian, the big art college freshman, is from Kaili Miao girls.

Pan Qian said she learned painting when she was in high school. By chance, she took part in a performance in place of her classmates, and never imagined that she would fall in love with the "running field" after that". It turned out that Pan Qian from Kaili, a minority nationality area, had a certain basis for dancing, and often participated in the local dance and dance activities in his hometown.

, img_box. Compared to painting, I think I prefer the stage. Maybe I don't have the ability to come on stage, but even if I watch people jump, I applaud, it's also a kind of appreciation. "Pan Qian said.

, then pan Qian decided to learn dancing, but because the foundation is weak, afraid of failing to go to college, so every day practice. In order to catch up with other students, she almost did not have lunch break, during the training period, the feet were worn out. It seems that the title of "goddess" is not just the value of Yan, and strive to make themselves excellent, beautiful and talented, so pan Qian was called "goddess" absolutely deserved!

for "goddess" of the title, our pan Qian think "a bit exaggerated."". She said she was just being photographed by netizens. Look, our true goddess is modest and peaceful, confident and self assured, gracious and approachable. Pan Qian is the goddess who walks out of us.

her childhood love of singing and dancing, painting and costume design is also very interested in, is the most adept at folk dancing.

" the beginning of the game, "eye brow hidden delicate, gentle voice and expression" dew "qingshuichufurong, natural carving" she has got the attention of many people, were regarded as favorites. After winning, pan Qian feel very excited, but also for their own is the Miao girl proud, she is looking forward to go to participate in the fourth division on behalf of the Miao national flower selection of 56 flower national flower awards ceremony, to show the world the charm of Miao culture.

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From the military goddess to Miao flower, the big girl beauty a new height!

From the military goddess to Miao flower, the big girl beauty a new height!

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