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Warships aircraft carrier the United States the South China Sea

jingbingtang· 2016-05-04 13:50:38

we often see the news from the news of the U.S. warships to the South China Sea cruise, the Chinese warships to the United States cruise? Yes, also went directly to the U.S. Pacific Fleet Command, snoop a circle military electromagnetic wave signal, safe return.

2013, our navy No. 853 electronic reconnaissance ship went to the waters of Hawaii mission. This is our navy electronic reconnaissance ship first to the third island chain to perform a task, shows that the Chinese Navy intelligence reconnaissance capability is improved.

we know that military action is a basic premise is to know each other's position, action and other information, the so-called "know the enemy and know yourself, through not dangerous", so military intelligence regarded as the premise and foundation of all military operations, with the accelerated pace of modern war, the space increase. < p > need information more widely, including each other's troops weapon layout, equipped with fire, combat formation and and theater geographical, meteorological, hydrological and social information, after treatment were summarized, for military operations and operational command provide support.

due to 852 ship tonnage is large, the use of high cost, so the Navy requires the development of a small reconnaissance ship, but with better intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks, can perform, offshore intelligence reconnaissance mission. After selection. < p > our country in 635 hydrographic survey ship based on the development of the 812 reconnaissance ship, its length is 94 meters, loaded with a displacement of 2000 tons, equipped with optical electronics, radar, communication and underwater reconnaissance system, and meteorological satellite receiver, integrated navigation system, channel system more perfect command control system.