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recently, some media reports, a Chinese female nurse playing in Japan, met a Japanese high school student epilepsy, she emergency rescue, to help students regain consciousness. The day before, a Japanese netizens sent the matter to the personal social accounts, caused by the domestic media attention.

this incident was taken by the tourists on the scene and became a hot topic on the Internet. The identity of the female nurse was disclosed. In May 15th, the reporter contacted the rescuer -- the nurse at the Henan tumor hospital. In the interview, she kept saying, "just see, I can help. There's no big deal.". "For some netizens questioned her," rescued a Japanese, "both Ren said, as a medical staff, she can not stand by.".

, according to both, after the scene rescue, onlookers of Japanese students bowed to her collective thanks.

connection document of users in Japan: everyone is grateful for her

5 month 9 days, Japanese netizens posted an article on a personal social platform, the contents of Chinese: April 20th, from Henan city of Zhengzhou Province as both lady visit Asakusa the temple, suddenly heard the commotion and "someone fainted cry. She approached and found a high school girl lying unconscious on the ground. She took the most appropriate first aid measures before the ambulance arrived and left the scene quietly after the ambulance arrived. The incident was filmed by visitors from the scene, and her identity was made public when she became a hot topic on the internet.

reporter noted that the end of this article is also written in Chinese, "thank you" two characters. In the article comment area, many Japanese netizens are using the Chinese "thank you" two words to reply to this matter, there are users using pronunciation of "xiè xiè" to express gratitude.

Japanese netizens commented that this time, the Japanese are on the side of onlookers, very cold, very "shame", and Chinese nurses to save "good great."".

this morning, the reporter contacted Japanese users who posted the article on social platforms. The user said, he is not a live witness, is seen on the Internet after this thing, feel very touched, so forwarded to the personal social platform, attracted the attention of Japanese users.

for more than Chinese Japanese netizens use "thank you" or the pronunciation of "xiè xiè" to comment on the matter, the netizen posting said, "I usually forward is about Chinese news, we all appreciate her".

tells the story of Henan rescue nurse: no attention to bite my hand girls epilepsy

4 month 20 days, third days, and both the four good friends in Japan to play, and they travel delegation came to Tokyo Sensoji temple. "Just from the temple to pray, we decided to take a stroll around, suddenly heard someone crying for help, is the Japanese, I did not understand a partner with me to call me, I know she is a nurse. "

, both said, when she found the past, a middle school student has fallen on the ground," I untied her coat, touched the carotid artery, then let her lying on the ground, at that time she had no awareness. Close your eyes, lips are blue, bite ". She immediately rescue, "first I was a little slow over her chest compressions, point out of breath, I see a lot of secretions from her mouth, put the foam clean out of her mouth, bite, bite my hand, I didn't notice she put my hand bitten, I let the people around. Find a hard object, then find a lot of toilet paper roll together, into her mouth. Prevent her from biting her tongue.

"I see a black spot on her face, I suspected food poisoning, asked her if she had had her peers what? I don't remember whether someone translated, but I heard someone reply in Chinese, "no," and then asked if she had had a similar situation before, so I decided that it should be an epileptic seizure. "

Ren both recalled, first aid probably with less than 3 minutes," to the students cleaned up the mouth secretions, she has been slow out, I think she has opened my eyes, I made a gesture to her: "OK?" She blinked, and I knew she was sober now, she remembered, but I stopped her and let her lie down and wait for the ambulance. Then a man put his clothes over the girl, and I asked for another piece of clothes to be placed under the head of the high school student. "Thanks to

facing the Japanese high school students collective bow don't know whether to back to their

site there are a lot of students the students, I think they may be the spring of the students. As my friends and I left, we passed by, and my companion called me, "look, they're bowing to you.". I'm sorry to hear that these students bow to me in groups. I asked my friend, "would you like to give them a bow?" "Both said," see the ambulance, we will return to the tour group. "

, both in the rescue process, is to ask questions in Chinese.". She couldn't understand Japanese, but someone kept answering her questions in Chinese so that she could tell the patient. Ren told reporters twice

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