799 yuan, red rice Note 4X Special Edition Jingdong confirmed

Jingdong storage 6G Xiaolong

ITzhijia· 2017-05-17 13:45:42

IT home message in May 17th Note 4X red rice millet official yesterday Jingdong preheating special edition in the morning to get exposure. And before the netizens predicted special edition will use Xiaolong 625+4GB memory +32GB storage space allocation, the new machine uses a 3GB+16GB memory configuration, but there's no confirmation of the processor.

" in addition to flash for 16GB, the upcoming release of red rice Note 4X Jingdong special edition price also has a more substantial decline, compared with the standard version of the 999 yuan, the Jingdong special edition price down 200 yuan to the price of 799 yuan. For the daily use of the user is undoubtedly more cost-effective -- Note 4X support extended memory card.

" leaked from the Jingdong reservation page, this red rice Note 4X Jingdong special edition will officially begin to panic buying in May 19th, if no accident of this new machine will today open appointment.

plus the Jingdong special edition, red rice Note 4X has three different versions, of which the top version uses a MediaTek X20 processor, with 4GB+64GB of storage space, while the Standard Version Xiaolong 625+3GB memory +32GB storage space.

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