Professional models do not lose shape, also have a tidal girl wearing his own!

Holiday fashion grace goddess

abolaoshi· 2017-05-17 18:25:18

to be a stylish, stylish person, you might think of celebrities, stars, and street models, but a group of people, with their fine clothes, "take" a lot of people's eyes!

, this group of shining people is now the tide baby! Don't look at them or a little older, but fashionable stylish dress would let us not simply regard them as not sensible child, but they have to wear their own take cheats Oh ~ this period, Xiao Bian also said to share a 3 year old girl neap Sophia. Look at her professional models do not lose shape, small already show the white feather!

small dew shoulder Strapless frock coat is cool and with a little small sexy, can be said to be the popular fashion items of summer. Wearing a strapless frock, collocation Cowboy SHORTS, on the back of a temperament bag, taking Rome sandals closeout, highlight the personality of the summer.

Strapless tops prints collocation shorts, Yellow Bow Headband and strapless tops and sandals echoed up and down, let more harmonious collocation look.

mysterious and fantasy purple collocation, as if a small goddess fan, it is beautiful to stay!

classic black and white wear, coupled with wide brimmed hat and small sunglasses, fashion holiday wind there are!

fantasy dress,

as a little girl, of course, can not resist the dream dress! Only 3 years old Sophia also began to understand beauty, love to dress up as little princess fan, wearing a pink dress Shaqun stroll on the beach, do not know who will attract the little prince?

, wearing a "crown", wearing a dress yarn skirt, sitting quietly, is also the United States and america!

pink dress dress, plus Lace Chiffon stitching hat, cute and lady!

small lovely lovely dress skirt sometimes half can add a lot of vitality and sweet feeling for the little girl. Sophia is love all kinds of semi dress, like black and white group with flower pattern, collocation black coat and tie a red scarf wearing ladies' shoes, full gas field.

classic red and black collocation, bring elegant and mysterious feeling.

wearing Mickey Mouse Ears barrette, wear funny T-shirt, people are cute charming miss Minnie oh!

" mainly in blue dress collocation, metallic blue pleated skirt is also very suction eye!

Chanel black T-shirt collocation Pink Suede skirt, black elegant personality + pink, collision charm fashion sense.


said thick thick holiday wind wind holiday outfit, of course, prints a single product! Like the Jumpsuit drawing pattern of flowers, collocation of shoes and a wide brimmed hat, the little girl also can cool ~

" exotic dress pattern, suddenly let people feel the unique design of primitive beauty ~

" holiday dress collocation strappy sandals, pink color more lovely feeling.

", "classic" and "fresh" stripe elements, and of course, you can wear the feeling of holiday!

Crochet small coat collocation Strapless frock, with watermelon pattern scarf, with a somewhat beach style.

, lotus leaf design of white small suspenders, with black dress, so that the little girl can also goddess fan full!

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