Liu Zhoucheng has no inner swings and even wants to watch a ball

Liu Zhoucheng micro-blog. "

wangyiyule· 2017-05-17 20:38:31

entertainment NetEase reported in May 17th 17 in the morning, "members of the Liu Zhoucheng wife MiuViki micro-blog issued a statement of divorce since that, married to Liu Zhoucheng, has 6 times during pregnancy and confinement in suffered a serious acts of domestic violence, and on 15 May to submit evidence to sue for divorce court. After the announcement of the news, causing a lot of attention, the media have repeatedly tried to contact Liu Zhoucheng brokerage firm failed. Until 14 PM, Liu Zhoucheng finally appeared, praised a content about Real Madrid No. 10 shirt micro-blog, so that netizens exclaimed: "this time, there is still the mood to watch?" "

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