Why did your parenting force on my children?

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each party has applied to relatives, secretly affliction, fight the baby contest again, baby criticism also came.

hi (NEI) Wen (Xin) le (JU) (JUE) (see the Jiao) poly (Yu), this is generally the case to

a lot of long time no see relatives around specially dressed cute spirit welcome greetings.

"how old is the baby?" "

" drink breast milk or eat milk powder? How heavy does "

" baby weigh? "


asked squeezed baby face, rub and rub with the past. After the questions were answered, relatives changed their painting style.

"how about breast milk?" Half years old, nutrition is not enough! Quickly drink milk powder, but also calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin ABCD...... "

", why is your baby so thin? It's easy to get sick! Our neighbor's son, at the age of 1 to more than and 30 pounds, and strong and smart. "

" baby can't wear too much? Who listen to nonsense, do not wear cold and freeze? Wait for true cold to catch cold, see you how to do, small young where knows to raise a child?. "

, I'm a mother. You can't finish your heart.". Always caught any parenting view is experienced elders preach sincere words and earnest wishes.

usually, interpretation leads to more education, plus attitude problems (we're all for you), don't ask Mommy why?.

sermon 1: how can you only drink breast milk?

this is a pile of interpretation of laws can understand, of course will also be broken too early breast milk good education law......

answer: breast milk is so good, we will eat more time, of course, will also eat all kinds of complementary food. You know, breast milk is the best, not enough to drink, of course, with milk powder.

two: raising a baby is preaching

until now, the elders generally felt the baby fat is a kind of Fuxiang, even more healthy and strong. Thin is nutrition did not keep up = poor health = when the mother did not keep good.

solution: with their Amway thin how good equivalent to explain water than rice nutritious, as a point of view that too fat is bad, the rogue slay sentence: nutrition on so many, all across long gone, how long is it? A

three: children wearing too little

is not in laws but really think children feel cold, did not see the baby hot sweat will not! Put! Heart!

response: in fact, think children must wear more warm relatives, mostly have a hard experience, is extremely important to the "warm" look.

has understood this layer, may gently tell them in the comfort foundation, the baby's physique has the difference, the hand and foot does not have all warm, does not have cold on the body to be good. Wearing too much can also affect the development of crawl and toddler movements.

preaching four: to do so,

also feeding, food, diapers, pacifiers, walkers...... There is always someone to tell you you can't do that, how to do it, and you can only deal with

method: it is argued here but conversion topic. Who let others be elders? Back home, the child is still you raise.

write these not only hope that all the dry cargo dry cargo, mom (and relatives) can believe that a mother's natural instinct.

is for children, but mom knows what her children need and what is best for her. There is no parenting or parenting style suitable for all children.

finally, if you do, shut the door and keep your baby. Let someone else say it.

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