1 seconds to get things done, why do you have to do it for half a day?

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PPT (PPT100) source: Autumn Author: King, authorized by the author of this paper. Some problems of

view experience psychological skills of

, to have the know-how and the people, is a piece of cake. For a beginner, you may need to consume at least half life to fix. When

uses Office software, there are many such operations. If you don't know, you have to do it for half a day, but once you know it, you can solve the problem in 1 seconds. Take Word as an example:

repeats the print header, and there is a long, long table in the

document, spanning 20 pages. For each page to have a title line, easy to browse, how to do?

, a lot of people copy the title line, and then paste page by page.

if you know the button below, the manual party will find out how silly you used to be.

steps: click on the title line - [table] - [] - toolbar layout [repeat Title].

multi-level title,

tenders, papers and other long documents typesetting, the most troublesome is the multi-level title of the question.

I used to play one by one. As a result, I almost did not put myself to death when I deleted the contents. Later, accidentally found that friends of the document title number is unexpectedly full automatic, immediately feel good high ah!

originally this title number can be used directly.


has similar text text format similar to many unified format to modify how to do? One by one after the election, modified one by one?

no, no, no, you can use a button to select all text in a similar format.

with multiple document

each division as a part of the document, you are done together, ordinary people will only copy and paste. However, if you know there's a merge document button in Word, you'll definitely copy and paste and sniff it.

to batch print print ticket, a lot of invitations, notifications, card, folder tag, as long as the preparations for the two documents is enough.

" will be left Word mail merge automatically the data in the table records fill the empty template to generate a key document after all direct printing. The

efficiency, far more than a hundred times.

Province, paper printed

, a college classmate asked me, he has dozens of pages at hand, such a form below, printed out, a waste of paper. What function formula can you use to rearrange this table so that it can print more rows in one page?

hey ~ what function formula is used?. Copy and paste to Word, click the button to fix the column! How many columns do you want to divide?. Really, 1 seconds.

", "class=", "change form", "

", how to translate a line of words into a form? Ordinary people insert a form first, and then cut and paste each word into each grid. Look too tired.

", in fact, this kind of thing can be changed by one key.

", and "

" automatically generate Pinyin, you know? Chinese characters and pinyin can be automatically generated.

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