In order to treasure strong money, Ma Rong mother and song father do divorce?

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tengxunyule· 2017-05-19 07:16:37

disappeared 10 months of Ma Rong and Song Zhe also appeared the same box, smiling … …

" but this does not seem to be the focus of today's &hellip & hellip;; you are not, you would have to look at the time understand the entertainment news, &darr

" was too much information … … Ma Rongma and Song Zhe dad divorced? Are they two? So Ma Rong and Song Zhe are brother and sister?!

" this is the weekend SM eight files?

" or girlish drama?

" all comes from the Go hard studio took Ma Rong Song Zhe with the video frame ↓

science one, to take the hard Go video studio is the collective from Zhuo Wei studio to resign after the establishment of the "new studio" members of the ↓ the first gun

< >

own, of course, must hit the ground breaking. The studio up in the nirvana — — 10 months, now smiling mysteriously disappeared Ma Rong ↓

" according to the video display, Malaysia and Chengdu Song Zhe shared car, it seems they are still together. Both parents are talking together, to the Civil Affairs Bureau office ↓

Ma Rong came to Song Zhe in Beijing Chaoyang, Song Zhe Ma Rong of the white car driving out & DARR;

Ma Rong Song Zhe mother and father to leave the car, galloped away and later to the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shunyi ↓

Ma Rong mother off into the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the father of Song Zhe is waiting outside. The photographer found Ma Rong mother in the Civil Affairs Bureau, in her conversation that she is to handle the division of property in divorce procedures ↓

Ma Rong mother out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the photographer noticed her smile, her hand and guess it is Ma Rong and Baoqiang Wang divorce certificate ↓

" on the matter, the entertainment Tencent interviewed Beijing Beijing law firm senior partner Pang Lipeng lawyer. Lawyer Pang Lipeng analysis from a legal perspective, the media speculation is completely wrong, because if Ma Rong and Song Zhe to the Bureau of civil affairs for the division of property, so the premise is that Baoqiang Wang has been divorced and Ma Rong agreement, Baoqiang Wang has submitted to the Chaoyang District court of the withdrawal request, but there is no reliable news that Baoqiang Wang has withdrawn. At present, the court of Baoqiang Wang's divorce case is still pending, before the verdict did not come out, there is still a valid relationship between Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong, but Ma Rong is not taboo and Song Zhe couples to appear in the public view, the court judgment will have a detrimental effect on the.

" after this, there are media who broke the news (that is, at the beginning of the screenshot) does not Ma Rong divorce division of property, but Ma Rong Song Zhe mother and father divorced. Ma Rong mother holding this material is not Ma Rong's divorce certificate, but Ma Rong's mother and father Song Zhe divorce certificate ↓

entertainment contacted Tencent who broke the news. Babe, babe said he rose to get the message that the picture is a horse Rong Ma and Song Zheba in the divorce, there are many property transfer means "before them, and whether the horse, song is how to do this step today, still continue to collect data and confirmed in the"

and Baoqiang Wang. Also issued a statement, said it has not been hearing and Ma Rong divorce disputes, confirmed from the side of the divorce certificate is not Ma Rong ↓

", ha? No wonder is mom and dad Ma Rong Song Zhe to the Civil Affairs Bureau of … …

… … divorce? That means they were married before?

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