"Blood curse" Hunter statue open book, global limit 2000 sets

Blood curse yen Z

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-05-19 15:31:05

" after the statue of Maria, Prime 1, Studio launched "blood curse" theme of the statue second bomb "hunters", size is about 82cm * 49cm * 54cm. The global set limit to 2000, is now in the Douyu Lei open book, price 84460 yen (after tax), the reference price of 93852 yen (after tax). The shipping date of the statue is between May and 2018 July.

" statue "Hunter" as a perfect reproduction of game player in the game and the people fighting fighting scene Yanan, the material is Polystone (some small part of the use of the material), the details of something right, the hunter can transform the freedom in the sawtooth machetes and the hunter two hand axe, behind the lamppost on the street can be dismantled, with special statue and a pedestal by a fresh 1/4 Yanan people's body, the outer packing pedestal inside and on the statue will be labeled with a unique serial number.

more details:

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"Blood curse" Hunter statue open book, global limit 2000 sets

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