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many moms and dads go to work during the day and give them to grandma and grandpa for the moment. Many elderly people have no intention of saying the phrase, its negative energy may affect the baby imperceptibly. Therefore, parents can properly remind grandparents, do not say the following 8 words to the child.

your mother don't you / your father go

to estimate the elderly people all over the world love to say this sentence very much, though just a joke, but the child is not easy to distinguish, so sad.

and it won't reach the effect of being closer to the children. Instead, the children don't have a sense of security. They wonder why mom and Dad don't want me?

separation is a pain in the neck, but it's certainly not the way to trick the child. They should talk slowly and clearly to their children. Mom and dad just leave for a while and come back, and they leave because they have something important. The baby has more fun with grandma and grandpa.

no longer listen to the police to catch you,

, whether it is the elderly, even young parents, will use "you do not listen to the police to catch you" to scare the child, which in itself is a lie.

the police is to protect the people, the police used to frighten children, one is the police demonized, is two this is a not implemented "intimidation", the elderly can not because the child is not obedient, to frighten him with a lie.

if a child is in danger and needs help, he does not dare to call the police for help. Chances are that he will miss the chance.

kids don't know well, do you still care about him?

children play together, love is inevitable bumps, many elderly people with the baby say: children do not understand, do not care about him! Is it possible to forgive a child for being wrong or impolite?

in fact, the elders should cultivate the children's right consciousness and distinguish what should be done and what should not be done. When

is a child, he really can't tell the right and wrong things correctly and correctly, and he needs to be pointed out in time by parents. If the elderly are often in the protection or indulgence, too bad for children's acts of shielding too much, so it hurts the child.

is XX bad, we hit it!

a child fell on the floor, blame stool, table and other objects, rather than telling children to walk too fast or otherwise fall, so it is easy for a child to send the wrong message, don't complain will let the children learn hows and whys of a matter to shirk responsibility.

old people's wrong guidance is not conducive to children's understanding of themselves, grow up after making mistakes, not self reflection and correction, and blindly shirk responsibility.

therefore, when a child falls, he falls, because he does not stand firm, or that the adult does not protect the child, and cannot complain about other objective things.

our / your parents earn all the money for you,

kids cry and promise him all the requirements, and later become his favorite trick". However, this trick is not good for people other than family members, because other people will not meet you unconditionally.

the old man who likes to say this is in the care of the child, but too indulgent will harm the child.

often said to the children, "we / your parents are all for you, and money is for you." it will make the child take his family for granted, and he will not appreciate and return when he grows up.

whose children are not good "look at my grandson

crops good people, children looking at their own good", to their children proud of this is a good thing, but too much, blindly believe that their children good, nobody can compare it, it will cause the child's pride.

in general, it is difficult for an old man to evaluate his children correctly and objectively.

therefore, here to remind the vast number of elderly friends with children, the children made a mistake, it is necessary to criticize and correct, to encourage children to correct their own shortcomings, and actively study other people's advantages.

that kid isn't good. Let's not play with him,

. "The kid in this family is too naughty. You're easy to bully. Don't play with him.". "The kid of that family doesn't make progress, you don't learn with him, don't play with him.". "

children do not have" good people "and" bad guys "at a very young age. Their world is a small partner who plays with each other.

the elderly can not use adult eyes to evaluate which child is good and bad, not to interfere with children's freedom to make friends.

should let children in accordance with their wishes to make friends, let the children themselves to contact, judgment, for a long time, the child will find "like-minded" friends. Don't tell your mother

most of the mother is strict on child discipline, for example, can not eat junk food, not to buy a mother firmly, and bring their children to the elderly relative to the "heart", can not see the grandchildren crying on everything along the child, then the child confessed "home don't tell mom".

this will make the child feel that mother is a bad person, and grandparents are better for themselves.

in this way, the child not only learned to lie, and later made a bad thing are concealed from the parents do not say, but also hurt his body.

so the old man must not let him learn to lie by spoiling his children.

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