I feel pain across the screen! The boy turned his back home and was stabbed in his arms

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anhuiquan· 2017-05-22 18:53:17

go out in a hurry, go home and find the key forgot, this kind of thing, a lot of small partners have experienced it? Many people first reaction is to find the lock company, some people may choose to turn over the wall, door. No, in May 20th, a member of Fuyang forgot to bring his key to the gate, and his arm was pierced!

5 20 on the morning of the morning, Gon Freecss went home, because forgot to bring the key, ready to go through the door. Unexpectedly, the door was accidentally stabbed on the door, pierced arm.

Wenfeng Road police station arrived, quickly contact fire, 120 and other departments, the police while encouraging Gon Freecss, while soothing the feelings of their families.

, through concerted efforts, eventually rescued Gon Freecss and sent him to hospital for treatment.

" because of a little thing forgot the key, pay so much, netizen called "across the screen, feel pain!" Xiaobian summarized some methods here, can help you avoid such things.

but still want to remind everybody, even forgot to take the key, to turn windows, is very dangerous behavior over the door, do not arbitrarily turn window, turn the door, can find a regular locksmith unlock or to the fire brigade for help.

" how to avoid the keys?

1, something important to say three times, three times out of meditation: keys, mobile phone and wallet. Then check these three things. It's the three most essential thing for modern people to go out. Self checking formulas before going out, remember four words: "for money". Stretch - ID; hand - to - key; mobile phone; Money Wallet

2, can put a small piece of paper on the door lock after striking position, "remember to take the key" (red font) can be seen when you are out.

3, a key hanging in the back of the door by the lock position, when you go out, you can see at a glance.

4 put a key in the drawer of the company's work as a spare key.

5, put a key in the most secluded place outside the house, once forgot to take the key for emergency use.

6, with a few keys, bags, pockets, belts, buttons, and so on, bring one.

7, spare key. Put a spare key in a family or trusted friend. Be sure to trust, stay close to your house, and know the details of your address, and find someone in time.

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I feel pain across the screen! The boy turned his back home and was stabbed...