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shoujizhongguo· 2017-05-23 05:14:14

Alibaba's second-hand goods trading platform is regarded as a free fish, try this company in the community, social, and encourage consumers to bargain with each other between the sellers. This is also the biggest difference between leisure fish and Taobao. But recently

idle fish do, but with Taobao's more like, recently with others opened second-hand car line shop, with the interaction between consumers but little relationship.

Saturday, free fish with a company called "car Pakistan" start-up companies to use the second-hand car experience shop "car free fish" landing in Hangzhou. In the 5000 square meter shop, there are nearly 500 second-hand cars on sale, free fish will also have corresponding auction activities to help sell these used cars. If consumers want to sell the car, can also find the line shop, but not all line shop second-hand car line free fish.

car Baba do idle fish auction this

cooperate with other companies in the next line shop, idle fish plans this year to fall 20, the target is 3 years to reach 100.

selling secondhand cars on idle fish is new news. Since May last year, Taobao auction business into the idle fish, this part of the property, car auction are stationed in the idle fish, when the object of cooperation, including the customs, courts and other government agencies. Consumers can pay a certain margin to participate in the auction bid, and if the auction fails, the deposit will be returned to consumers.

, but these recently introduced big sellers, agencies and companies, with the previous idle fish stressed that the resale of idle between the user based ideas are different, leisure fish is hoping to make communities. The chief technology officer of Alibaba

group (CTO) Zhang Jianfeng in May last year a communication meeting repeatedly stressed the idle fish do community direction: "secondary is a community, not a business, leisure fish to do is free trading platform. "

, in order to be a community, the fish mechanism is different from that of Taobao," he said. Idle fish basically do not exist the so-called businesses, those resale of second-hand goods, there is no inventory backlog problem. On the contrary, leisure fish also set up a small community according to geographical location and hobbies division "fish pond", the current community management, "Tong master" has 300 thousand.

and Taobao want users to stay longer and buy more goods, more emphasis on the number of idle fish equipment to cover much of the sellers and buyers are not able to close to 1:1, and the interaction between the two sides of the sale. These are to avoid making Taobao.

, but the new business on the new fish line has been a departure from this idea. In May last year, on-line Taobao auction, leisure fish in September and did the rental business, in March released data is 900 thousand houses on idle fish hanging. However, a closer look at some of the information released rental housing information, you will find that a part of the release of multiple sets of housing is likely to be intermediary, not personal rental. Can

in addition to the introduction of more business, control the number of Zhuxian fish sellers, may be more in line with the Alibaba to locate the target idle fish community. Figure

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