Progress of the development model of UAV "aerospace fusion"

UAV integration development aviation industry unmanned combat platform space technology

· 2016-05-04 15:19:55

< p > Science and Technology Daily News (Ren Xuejiao reporter Fu Yifei) reporter recently from the China Aerospace Science and industry group hospital 302 was informed that the "new concept of unmanned systems" Youth Innovation Studio team recently went to Xi'an, and Air Force Engineering University experts to carry out communication & cooperation, to promote the establishment of "aerospace integration and development of UAV development new pattern.

302 unmanned combat platform overall technical expert Yin Zhihong introduced, China has formed a system engineering as the representative of the aerospace technology system, with the characteristics of international cooperation in the aviation technology system. With both like aircraft like missile UAV become the new darling of information technology equipment, aviation industry, aerospace group have to rely on the technical basis, for the development of the field play an important role. < p > UAV are two kinds of models of Technology Development: one is to missile technology as the foundation, emphasizing the specified task system reliable a pursuit of efficiency can be used; a is in aircraft technology based, emphasizing the aircraft platform scalability, the pursuit of optimal design. Each one has its own merits in two modes, the disadvantage is showing the development trend of fusion.

unmanned aerial vehicle as an unmanned aerial vehicle, itself requires the integration of aerospace technology." Yin Zhihong said that this integration is mainly manifested in the four aspects of cultural philosophy, technology systems, design and integrated manufacturing.