When a teacher says to you, "children are smart, they just don't study hard." parents must be vigilant

Children education focus

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every parent, teacher always comforted some parents: "the child is very clever, is not a good school. "Every time a child's performance is bad, parents will always explain:" the child is very smart, but is not a good study. "

in fact, when the teacher said so, the child mother to remind parents to be particularly careful, the teacher may be unable to find other advantages of the child can be commended.

intelligence is not the most critical factor in a child's achievement, but the most critical factor is the non intelligence factor, such as learning attitude, will, etc..


" [] "clever child a misunderstanding, only need to pay more attention in class, practice class

in a very long period of time," the day bright matter but read without thorough understanding "seems to be reassuring words of parents.

seems to be falling out of the way, but the child "clever", as long as the class a little attention, you can easily catch up with more exercises in class. In fact, when the "is not a good learning occurs, parents should be vigilant, your child may have lost interest in learning! Don't dream" as long as the child is smart, just look at the books, the results can rise".

after long-term observation, found that these "smart" students generally have some fatal weaknesses: for example, inattention, particularly vulnerable to outside interference; learning stamina enough, continuous learning time is short; to trickery and refused to do basic training and learning initiative, study; concentrate on the work not the spirit of learning is one of the necessary conditions to obtain excellent results.

some of the children responded quickly, since that is very clever, to understand the class, that is very simple, no longer listen attentively, and when the teacher talked about the key place, he thought broke down, did not hear. It is impossible for the teacher to repeat this for each student. For a long time, he finds out he doesn't understand, but it's too late at this point.


[error two] do not study hard, because the child's attitude is not correct, more criticism, education will be more harvest.

no matter how good your grades are, you should believe that no child does not care about his grades. The main reason why children are partial to school and not to learn well is that these students are not learning at all, and they are not attracted by the content of study. Therefore, they lack the interest of active learning. Encountered such problems, not blindly criticism of education, but should guide children to regain interest in learning.

in fact, parents have realized that it is important to develop children's interest in learning, but how to improve their children's interest in learning?

children's interest in many, are derived from their curiosity. For children's curiosity, parents must not stifle, but to actively guide and cultivate it. For children, everything is new and worth exploring. At this time, adults should not ignore and deny the child's learning and exploratory behavior, but should be carefully nurtured the child's curiosity, to use the child's eyes to observe the world, together with the children to wonder, to question, to discuss, to make joint conclusion. Parents should take children to nature, society, broaden their horizons and increase interest in learning. Children through various activities to broaden their horizons, rich perceptual knowledge, so that the child's interest in a wide range of knowledge expanding, learning ability is also unconsciously improved.


[three] misunderstanding interested in raising children to school teacher

for many parents after the parents sneaked into the teacher's office, repeatedly asked the teacher in the classroom, pay attention to their children.

in fact, the teacher is responsible for every child in the class. Because most students are clear and purposeful in their study, it is almost impossible to change the teaching method to cater to your child's interest. Even with constant attention, it is difficult to ensure the child's learning results. This "stalking" education will make the relationship between teachers and students become very nervous, cause children weariness.

what can parents do in the process?

1, a correct view of children's learning focus

parents often learn to focus on children's academic performance, for example: the exam a few studies, into which a school, class rank number and so on, so that you do is to teach children, the learning is to obtain these external approval. In doing so, there is a potential big crisis, and if the outside is definitely gone (the difference is low and the score is low), the child naturally lacks enthusiasm for learning.

if parents can teach their children to focus on the sense of achievement in their studies, they will feel very different. The difference is that they do not compare their children with others, the children should only compare with themselves, learn a little more knowledge, and make progress, of course, it is worth the pleasure. In this way, children can get great satisfaction and achievement from acquiring knowledge.

helps children to compare themselves with themselves, and they feel confident, satisfied and happy because they never know the change of their own selves. By doing so, you will train the next generation who loves learning.

is not my intention to do your parents, the school ranked completely blind, I really mean is that children from the heart of learning enthusiasm, children can play music in the learning potential, he really should have made the learning level. What did


, when the child got a 65 point English score

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