Baby and Wang Zhonglei daughter self portrait, not P exposure

Movie Wang Zhonglei micro-blog good accident

tengxunyule· 2017-05-24 06:31:58

Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported on May 23rd, the mainland artists Angelababy (Baby Angela Baby), since his debut in 2004, kept in cosmetic storm, 2015 had personally find plastic surgeons identification cheek is all natural, but it is still 2 years of rumors, the 23 and 19 year old daughter of famous producer Wang Zhonglei photo, not P self exposure beauty make people greatly, hurricane micro-blog hot search first name.

mainland movie "beautiful" accidentally got Lunmei Kwai, Ouyang Nana, Chen Kun and Wang Jingchun show, including producer Wang Zhonglei's 11 year old son Wang Yuan, the film will be in June 2nd in the mainland release, 23 days ahead of the premiere, attracted many big coffee Feng Xiaogang, Jackie Chan and others to participate, it is full of stars.

Wang Yuan sister Wang Wen also to support the younger brother of the first film, specifically to the premiere, after not only help the promotion on micro-blog, "the 6.2 film" beautiful "accidental release, brother participating in the first movie, you must remember to support you, so happy today, home", also upload 6 all star photo, which is caused by a topic and Baby in my self.

also upload photos in Wang Wen, she took a big self at an angle of 45 degrees and Baby, 2 people are flashing white teeth smile bright, and sharp eyed Netizens found this picture almost no traces of P, praising the 28 year old Baby and 19 year old young girl self is nothing less, caused a heated discussion, "Angelababy Wang Wen" and also appeared on the micro-blog keyword search first.

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