We need freedom, and in particular we need justice.

Freedom justice

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as the" Wei Zexi incident ", Baidu become a target for all.

yesterday, baidu finally voice:" inexcusable, as an outstanding enterprise and need to go to bear in the country, the industry of the performance of the regulatory responsibility ", Baidu has never only to how much money as a qualifying standard, on the road of social responsibility and business promotion, never lax. We will not lose business interests of corporate conscience, this is beyond doubt."

and not set could, but Baidu's reflection so that we can not help but enterprises of retrial rationality and conscience, "benefit and righteousness" concept, and the thinking of the company to fulfill its corporate social responsibility corporate social responsibility (CSR).

"Do business for good

this sentence, from long ago by Cheung Kong Graduate School of business with the British Chamber of Commerce jointly sponsored "China Enterprise Social Responsibility: public advantages and strategy of operation end language. In this sentence, it is also a perfect summary of the Chinese enterprises on how to fulfill the social responsibility of the discussion.
many successful or the pursuit of success of power, source is not for wealth, victory, or for eminent, but return to the essence," in fact is source to 'love', this love is not only to yourself and to others, to the things in his love. "
in the event of his opening speech, Cheung Kong Graduate School of business, vice president of marketing professor and director of the center for the study of brand Zhu Rui professor quoted the" will be born to run, "Litalawu Mara ethnic group of examples of such elaborate. She said, if you can understand and adhere to the three principles: first, return others make you richer; second, improve your relationships with others; the third is, adhere to the correct values. < / strong > is not only become a good runner, more important is that it can become a better (better person.

" we are for business and social services, a group of people, but at the same time more important is, we are the social part of. " < / strong > Coca Cola Greater China and Korea district sustainable development, vice president of Huaying Zhang when talking about corporate social responsibility principle, this is as the enterprise, why do we have to one of the others return, the return of social factors.

"enterprise itself is indispensable to the sustainable development of the whole society, to fulfill corporate social responsibility Ren should always for the right purpose. < / strong > and not only is the corporate social responsibility as a public relations tool." Zhang Jingru, vice president of MaryKay China's foreign affairs, said.

" to fulfill corporate social responsibility of the main purpose is to let us make this world a better place to live in."


social good and bad,

value is the bottom line rather than the ceiling.

"Confucian universe 2015" (by Cheung Kong Graduate School of business and Beijing University of the world ethics center jointly organized) forum in, Caijing magazine executive editor, "Harvard Business Review" Chinese version, founder and editor in chief, Cheung Kong Graduate School of business DBA students Hegang had put it in this way. He said: "

"the entrepreneur as groups with a social influence, facing continue to pursuit of maximizing the benefits, or as a member of society to actively and effectively, with influence drive more people -- they should social choice and more harmonious coexistence, returning to the basic human conscience and restrain their desire."
in a very dynamic market economy dominated by the global society, relationship between economics and ethics, enterprises" profit and righteousness "also is become more and more complex. How to understand this complexity and concrete, and this understanding into the real business practice, is undoubtedly the enterprise needs to face a crucial issue.
" illuminated by the sun and not their own. This should become the criteria of the entrepreneur outlook on values remodeling. entrepreneurs are one of the most dynamic groups, so their conscience and values for the development of society and lead more meaningful." The English Channel of China central television commentator on "dialogue" column, Beijing dimensional element Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. executive director Han Hua in the Confucian theory of domain "forum said.
we need freedom, at the same time, especially the need of justice.

" < strong> conscience rationality is a new spirit, a kind of consciousness. this is under the Chinese traditional culture, with "benevolence" as the main one of the consciousness of each person, that is, the ability to reflect." Cheung Kong Graduate School of business professor emeritus, Yangtze River humanities committee chairman, Beijing University, humanities tell professor and Dean of the Institute for advanced studies in humanities, Center for the world ethics Du Weiming, director of professor said when talking about corporate conscience and value reconstruction. />

"conscience is the embodiment of human nature, it is a sign of the people and animals in the District, which represents the collective interests of all people concerned. We should lead the society with selfless faith and ideals." of Nankai University Business School professor Qi Shanhong in the "Confucian domain" forum message to the audience on the road.

" all the people to see the respect for life, respect for the dignity of others, and to the 'golden rule' application in future times. " < / strong > fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and humanities, global alliance value fund will founder and CEO Klaus M., Reisinger Professor Klaus M. Leisinger) added, " we shall overcome our short-sighted and overcome the economic, political, and materialism < / strong >, in order to achieve a higher purpose. Style= box-sizing: "border-box "

" conscience and logos are inseparable. All entrepreneurs need to ask yourself: why do you exist? Where do you want to go? If entrepreneurs cannot answer these questions with action, you create wealth will eventually cast to the wind." Style= font-size: "14px line-height:;

the Yangtze River Business School founded, President of the China business and globalization professor Xiangbing, was put forward. as a creator of wealth and has more wealth of entrepreneurs, should assume more social responsibility. < / strong > for China to achieve sustainable development and inclusive growth and make more contribution.
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Chinese entrepreneurs should be beyond chasing the limitations of benefits and privileges, attention promote fairness and justice, promote harmony in diversity, harbor more grateful heart, in the heart of the fear, "and should have 'world economy' sense of social responsibility, sincerely concern the progress of the whole society, concerned about the welfare and well-being of the majority to win around the world from the bottom of heart of honor and respect." & nbsp;

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