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xindiannao· 2016-05-04 15:43:32

Beijing International Auto Show has become the global automotive industry event this year" digital technology "is the most eye-catching. Networking concept car is already familiar, automatic driving technology, in a certain extent, changing the pace of development of the automobile manufacturers, in the past few years non traditional car manufacturers to launch electric sports car, is to break the running rules of the automotive industry for hundreds of years.

vehicle information system to practical

once upon a time, the traditional automobile manufacturers leading the vehicle information system is the most optimistic about the industry's solutions for vehicle information, well versed in the pilot to use demand is these car manufacturers to launch its own vehicle information system where the emboldened. But on the other hand, lack of the accumulation of it and related technology, or say enough is an open mind, more or less influenced previous generations of experience.

in addition to car manufacturers, it giants also in succession encroach on the automotive sector, apple Carplay, Google's Android auto, Baidu carlife are in an ambitious campaign to new vehicles in the field. Although the beginning is not mature enough, not to the automobile manufacturer caused substantial pressure, and with the deduction of time, now two different directions of the information platform is the same brand of car loaded at the same time has become the mainstream.


Cadillac XT5

from the beginning of the matrix, the Cadillac in the highlight of my own ambition, sense of science and technology of masonry drill count only a representation, the cue system launched only is closely integrated with the IT technology to start. Kaidi LA this year launched two new products -- flagship sedan CT6 and the first domestic SUV models xt5 are equipped with the latest generation of cue system, run more smoothly. Can also make it more bold feeder Carplay system, a piece of original and plug any Junxuan heroic.


Ford sharp circle 2016

SYNC upgrade to the third generation the, Beijing auto show first integrated the 2016 a sharp boundary high-profile debut. Movers and shakers in the IT field of Microsoft, in the development of vehicle system is not very smooth, wince, died, in cooperation with the Ford sync system failed to get consumers, response speed is slow, complicated control become the target of public criticism. From the beginning of the third generation, Ford finally gave up the Microsoft and the selection of the BlackBerry QNX, faster speed, finger end operation more sensitive capacitive screen, more concise UI, making the new system is full of vitality. But Ford has not completely abandoned the results of cooperation with Microsoft, perhaps this is what he has so far there is no reason to be integrated with apple and Google needs.


new Mercedes Benz E-class

Mercedes Benz comand system began very early Carplay compatible, the new Mercedes Benz E-class is brought each composed of a 12.3 inch LCD digital dashboard and console. The essence of the new Command system in its unique control device and a more powerful digital dashboard, and CarPlay just occupy the local function of the control screen, but also in the water phase.



treasure horse early on in the iDrive system integrated the GoPro camera motion control functions, but in daily use did not too much value. However, to the M2 has become its most unique features, through the car Wi-Fi network connected to the GoPro motion camera and through the iDrive control, you can share the driving process to a friend. And Mercedes Benz as, iDrive has also been open to Carplay, but chip believe, m the owner never will control screen waste in mobile mapping function, unique m m Laptimer application can display properties, such as regulation, lap, acceleration time (at), brake distance racing information, it is the dominate the information on M2.

autopilot China power

people push with the rapid development of technology, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Tesla, Google has launched commercial products, Chinese manufacturers did not give up the corner overtaking opportunities. This does not, grab before the opening of the Beijing railway station, starting from Chongqing Sao silver Changan Rui Cheng Liang drove to Beijing, the highlight is automatic.

Changan Rui Cheng

1 years ago, Baidu will have let it self driving cars in Beijing ring road running in a circle, but the Changan is let Rui Cheng had run more than 2000 kilometers to Beijing to participate in the show, reveals the automatic driving technology is more mature. However, the Rui Cheng after the special modification, the roof is arranged on the laser radar, and other auxiliary functions on autopilot sensors, which makes its shape is different from the ordinary vehicles. In addition, the complexity of the city road traffic is much higher than the highway, to achieve a full range of automatic driving, there is a considerable distance.


Volvo S90

when others are still the autopilot when gimmick, Volvo S90 has will be the function as the standard configuration of the! But first do not happy too early, as the pilot assist 2.0 system name, automatic driving assistance systems, in fact, is semi automatic or a driver assistance system to realize automatic driving at 80 miles per hour, the conditions and city guide state requires the driver to a certain active intervention, and harsh road and weather conditions, the system will terminate automatically driving requirements of driver intervention. Once again

electric car spoiler

applications such as power to promote the invention of the steam engine after the industrial revolution, today power in changing has a history of one hundred years of the automotive industry. Unknown, there is no large-scale manufacturing plant, and does not affect the car field later launched the top products, and electric vehicles is of automobile industry in their leveraging the fulcrum.


music as LeSEE

Internet repairer, music finally out of a solid step, high-profile investment Faraday last year and this year LeSEE concept car, the open booth, propaganda everything can "seconds away" Tesla Model s concept car finally have little prospect of a solution the.


Tesla Model X

BYD Qin 100

use in electric hybrid technology of Qin has a 70km pure electric mileage, new Qin 100 this range is extended to 100km. In addition, 100 of the appearance and interior decoration has also been upgraded, especially its interior uses the most popular large screen full touch design, a lot of luxury.


Thai E200

the two seater layout of Zotye E200 equipped with a maximum power of 60kW, peak torque can reach 165n - M motor, top speed of 120km / h, the maximum mileage can reach 220km. Although the car strongly in the appearance of pull and smart electric drive (smart electric version) the difference, but the bones is very similar to the.


Beijing auto show has been closed, but the digital car Sheng Yancai has just started. Future, information technology, digital, automatic driving will become a hundred years of the new outbreak of the automotive industry, not only affect the outcome of the competition between enterprises, but also a profound change in the lives of people in the car. In the practical and trendy, assisted driving and automatic driving, performance and environmental protection, at each stage have a different balance point, look at the show is to look at the future, look at the trend. Style= text-align:center "

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