The education boy sticks to these 4 principles and is sure to be great when he grows up

Boys education principles parents

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" each family has a boy's parents, in children in the process, if you always remember these four principles, then, your child will be very great!

a: the principle was to let the boy know that he is a great man

boy at the age of four or five, had gender consciousness, he already knew that he was a small man, this time, parents should consciously develop their masculine style: the boy fell down and told him to climb the boy himself; timid, told him: you can do better; the boy made a mistake, tell him: good Chinese work When a man is disobedient, tell him, "don't trouble your parents. It's an honor for a man.

, it is worth noting that the boy has a sense of a man since he was a boy, and his father's role is enormous.". It is proved that the protection and mother worried too much, will cut the boy to manhood; but the father is more strictrules more loose constraints, then gives the boy the incomparable strength and courage, and urges the boy quickly grow into a good man.

principle two: don't tell the boy to "hard", to make friends

boys and boys are most afraid of what? Obviously, they fear no one understand, no support, and no freedom.

boy is most afraid of what? A boy's parents know that the boy is not afraid of the threat, "getting stubborn" is their forte.

so, all the boys parents must remember that a Proverbs: if you are not your children become friends, then after puberty, he will treat you as the "enemy"!

and boy friend, is actually very simple: give the boy more choice rights; and the boy shared in his the passions; respect your boy, and give up the "no talent" educational concepts; always let the boy feel your tepid affection, clever but not tough control constraints.

principle three: don't let your boy is "rich"

we say "rich" contains two concepts, one is the parents too much spoiland arranged, one is the abundant money.

some parents spoiled the boy, everything depends on the boy; some parents are rich, they gave the boy a lot of money; some parents have the ability, the boy the size of what they will do;

however, the parents let the boy too "rich" approach, and will bring what the boy over love? Parents let them become selfish and no sense of responsibility; too much money so they just want to consume too much testosterone with "luxury", but also to learn and forget our own parents do everything; package that they lose labor ability, coping ability, resistance to frustration ability...... Because of this, wise parents never let your boy is too rich, they will use "love" to hide half, they will find and create opportunities for the boy to experience poverty!

principle four: successful personality boy to cultivate

life, the boy parents often have many helpless: teach him courage, his work is always submissive;

taught him strong, he has to give up easily; teach him decisively, he is still dragging his feet; whenever I encountered such a situation, the boy's parents always self comfort: "as he grew up. He will understand...... "But the fact is often contrary to the expectations of the parents.

if you want a always give up boy, long after the age of 18, suddenly become strong, this reality? If you want to have a timid little boy, after the age of 20, to communication suddenly like a good diplomat, this can be

if you can? Wish you always spend money wasteful son after the age of 25, can go to finance as financial experts that this is only a beautiful dream of you. Any boy can not live in the parents' dream,

, therefore, the education boy needs his parents, when he is very young, then he leads him to accumulate the ability and quality of success. I hope every boy's parents will be proud of their son and be proud of their great boy in the coming days.

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