Millet MAX 2 configuration sneak, with only 625 Xiaolong

Millet Xiaolong processor storage

diannaozhijia· 2017-05-25 08:56:52

[PChome] millet mobile phone channel information reported MAX 2 will be officially released in the afternoon, we can learn from its name, this is a flagship long life giant screen models, build around the battery and battery life, will be the main theme of the conference millet MAX 2. But in the millet MAX 2 released on the eve of the configuration of the machine under way in the GeekBench has a mobile phone to run data.

from GeekBench data show that millet MIX 2 using MSM8953 processor, clocked at 2.02GHz, there is no doubt that this is a Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor, this processor using 14nm process to build, is a focus on saving the processor. But in the upgraded version of Xiaolong 626 has begun distribution when the millet is still equipped with 625. Xiaolong is some old wine in new bottles. Of course, it may be GeekBench in this millet MAX 2 is the Standard Version, only high version of millet MAX 2 will be equipped with 626 Xiaolong processor.

" in addition to the processor, millet MAX 2 other configuration is also good, with 4GB RAM running memory, 64GB of internal storage space, a high version of the 128GB storage system, Android 7.1.1 custom MIUI based on the screen size is 6 inches, 12 million pixel camera, 5 million pixel front camera.. Battery capacity as a life base, but also millet MAX 2 has been improved, from millet MAX 4850mAh storm increased to 5400mAh, endurance is very good, you can also use reverse charging function.

millet MAX 2 using metal one-piece design, back to Dome Antenna Design, the camera is in the upper left corner of the extrusion, the fingerprint region is on the back of the fuselage, using the USB Type-C interface.

also revealed that millet MAX 2 price for the standard edition of 1499 yuan, the high version is 1799 yuan.

editor comments: for millet MAX 2 this flagship life of the phone, the battery capacity is its most important configuration, the processor power consumption is relatively no battery is important. Xiaolong 625 use, although there is no major problem, but obviously, mention frequency Xiaolong 626 is a better choice.

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