LOL in China the first strongest five released furute feather finals didn't get into the widow

Lol ZA

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-05-25 10:14:12

recently held a tiger dress first tournament, 25 teams are known as the anchor Dan Yingxiong dress first. But most of the players are competing for furute feather widow, cola sword Ji and wave captain D and weapons are recognized in the tiger god service a few heroes have to say first, to find the 25 country in a platform service is only the first tiger can barely do.

" and recently the Huya dress first tournament at the end of 5, the strongest country finally decided the service for the first player but contrary to all expectations, respectively is the first sword Ji cola, the first blind monk Li Qingqiang, the first card of Wuhu God first, small and lonely first hammer Shi Shaocong, like the feather and even the furute Xiaozhuang dress first known even the final could not enter!

" appears in the battle between the first service will have to see the team with a personal bad not in opposite is the first case in China Carry team. But it is interesting that this last activity champion 5 members will receive the opportunity to have dinner with our men, do not know the red hot male Sao how to honor the five strongest in their own clothes first?

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