Why do I have to give a four years ago the Mobile Games charge 20000 yuan?

The game game player collapse control 3

youxiputao· 2017-05-25 13:58:41

in mid January of this year into the pit, now just over the past 5 months, the grape has given "goddess Jun control" (a role is a Japanese girl card game) this life has reached four years old game, charging more than 20000 yuan.

honestly it has is a dying Mobile Games, their charge into money can vanish like soap bubbles but these problems did not hinder, I indulge, the most crazy time, I often stay up late to brush, the weekend burst liver dry card pool.

so that all my colleagues around the grapes, many friends in the Q group couldn't understand my crazy behavior. But in my opinion, I am not alone, so is it possible for such groups as me to have such a demand? I tried to answer my own confusion through this article.

I was a second dimension of experience in the field of ACG game player, has nearly ten years, regardless of the domestic game or Nissan, console, handheld, Mobile Games have very many purchase experience, with the habit of paying the promotion of income also increased, now per month will invest 4000 yuan in the two dimension of interest class products on.

in doing so, I put the in recent months, almost all of the money, has been in the four year old in the game, even the Spring Festival this year, after a period of time, money hit the money point of eating soil.

according to common sense, the normal game player will be in a line for four years, dying to play together, feeling really boring, a pure in the card game, with so much money, besides, I'm just a new game player just a few months into the pit, there is no feeling of appeal.

but I still spent so much money and more than one pay experience, but also from the side shows that the continuous pay to me experience is not bad, why is that so?

. What kind of players do I belong to =''>

in the 90 after this group, I also belong to the elderly class, has been working for four years, is in need of a lot of energy into the stage of the cause.

according to most companies signed 3 year contract period, if not frequent job hopping or entrepreneurial and high risk, the vast majority of 90 should be entered during the period of stable work, and in salary and position in the critical period of rapid rise.

I'm more accustomed to calling myself a social animal, and now I'm more used to show the two dimensional group and laugh at myself for being too busy with my work. Most of the

high pressure shachiku often face the job, also did not completely smooth the edges, student habits is not completely over to work habits, and whether inside or the rhythm of life has certain self contradiction.

", this phenomenon is more obvious for the two dimensional population.

such as my pursuit of high salary, but also hope to hope; complete segmentation of work and life, but fear work no results lead to unemployment; hope the three dimension full of life, and does not throw open the past of the two dimension of yearning.

so 90 is a pressing need for decompression groups, have sufficient financial strength, but there is not enough time and space to immerse in entertainment products.

is a very real problem is that I have no time, also do not have the energy to play the game, but if you do not have some way to relieve the pressure of their own, is likely to make up the game forced the folly of filling pits, further deterioration of living state of their own, this is clearly not a sensible choice.

but in fact, I was immersed in the "goddess" control, or often stay up until 3, 5 points, often burst liver, unable to effectively control their own. The effect of

" at the beginning of February this year the burst liver obviously, even if the objective to play the game on the little space, but I can still force out the subjective time and energy, I love the game to some liver.

what are my game preferences?

, I'm a typical Japanese gamer, and prefers the original, non - frills Japanese game content. For example,

hosts interested in all kinds of Japanese RPG, "the text of the United States" oboro muramasa beyond words, "Odin" field of multi line narration to lead a person to endless aftertastes persona, "bound" tension and social system in 5 young people between the collision and conflict of strong, have brought me a lot of fun.

PC" more love some independent style game "famine" "Isaac" "my world", "the older generation of the blizzard Diablo 2" "War3" and later derived from the same type of work, there are some people to the game. Such as the Oriental two record, record three games. But , these are not works that will allow me to spend a lot of time and money. The

mobile terminal because of work, have broad interests, but eventually left only a small part of the two dimensional games such as "goddess" and "control" idol master "broken 3", and "king of glory" social essential. Besides, there's a lot of music, games, and...

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