"Beyond the good and Evil 2" will not appear on the E3, new information released during the year

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" beyond good and evil has been discussed a lot of game player in October last year, Ubisoft officially confirmed the game in the "pre production". However, it seems that we can't see the game in the short run, and Michel Ancel, director of the series, says they will not show "beyond good and Evil 2" on this year's E3, but there will be some news released this year.

announced earlier in the "2" beyond good and evil concept map

Michel Ancel released "often set figure 2" beyond good and evil in Instagram, recently he said "2", "beyond good and evil are in development, but we are not sure E3 is displayed it's the best time. But within this year, you'll hear it! "

in early 2008, there was the" news 2 "development beyond good and evil, but after making it the state has been very unstable: the rumors about the game from time to time emerge, the producer also often implies that it is in the making. Although the development team has created several game prototypes, it seems that many technical problems have hindered its development schedule.

in October 2016, the series director Michel Ancel confirmed that "beyond the good and Evil 2" development on the right track, and the development team has also made sufficient technical preparation for the game.

Michel and Ancel also made another game "wild" (WiLD), the game was originally published in 2015, but the team did not give the exact release date.

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