A Japanese version of "the night" later Chinese decided to launch the sale is expected this summer

Later at night the Japanese game Sega.

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-05-26 11:18:17

Sega announced today that's responsible for the issue of a new "night" in Japan later will launch the traditional Chinese version, is expected to be on sale this summer.

"night later" will be landing PS4/PSV platform, the Japanese version will be available in August 24th, Chinese temporarily scheduled for sale this summer edition. According to Sega's description, the Chinese version may only be launched on the PS4 platform, PSV version did not mention.

"night later" is a "lurking in the night of terror" as the theme of the horror style action game, game player will operate the two weak girl in a night with hair standing on end, courage adventures. Players who like this style of game may wish to look forward to it!

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