Second child age, "my brother and I were ten years old", a composition, watching the tears of parents rushed

Growing up a child a second child my brother and I were ten years old

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"public tutor wisdom with the opening two-child policy, we will usher in the age of two children. The growth of the two children, compared to the only child, there will be different challenges, for parents is a kind of homework. However, the child is very important for brotherly affection, love, children will experience a sense of achievement, sense of responsibility, sense of frustration, also accompany each other learn to love and cherish each other to pay. Recently, Xiao Bian saw such an article, is a high school girl's exercises. Xiao Bian finished reading, feeling full of love, I do not know what you think? "

[we're ten years apart, so I don't like you]

, when you make the first cry, I'm only ten years old, and it's the age that my parents take care of.".

it is because of you, I was full of love by you away half or more. You are really a successful aggressor.

, the first time I saw you, you lie on the second, is my mother, the next second into my mother's embrace, quiet suckling, a bossy appearance, and even disdain to open eyes, look at me. As soon as I touch you, you strike with the pink but powerful feet.

didn't want to admit it, but I did get caught up in your cute appearance. But then I found out that cute is only your innocent appearance. So after a long time, my life has been messed up by your nameless intruder.

as soon as you get home from the hospital, you start declaring your territory in your own unique way. In the bedroom, on the balcony, all your snow-white diapers. The snack rack is full of your milk powder and bottle. Leave a large space in the closet for your clothes and shoes. In the living room there is a colorful mat that you crawl with, and the exclusive domain of my plush toys is also full of all kinds of toys. My heart aches to see my Bobbi standing on the foot of your big Transformers, and the toy dog is being shoved into your train car for a distance. Even in the air is also filled with a thick smell of prickly heat powder. Wake up by your crying in the middle of the night, and make me sleepless night.

so, only ten years old, I look at you in the bosom of popular spicy drink parents do not appreciate the crying, really wronged.

three years later, I was in the transition to adolescence shy, thirteen years old. And you are three years old, the peak of mischievous. You then will you "sin" March to me. I'm not only in a moment, you can climb on my desk, tore my homework, or directly with the pen in the above graffiti. I write the diary, poem first awakening interest in the opposite sex, you have also been dipped into the water. Even my collection for many years the small paste you have not let go, one day I came home from school and saw the whole glass covered with your masterpiece, the sound of a breath to almost oh.

there are so many cases like this. My life is really colorful because of what you've given me".

you've been hogging television, computers, and all kinds of electronic products. Whatever you do at home, you always give first priority. Your sister is Nirvana bully my parents said with innocent eyes filled with tears of wronged small voice, and then blink at me lying in parents Chongni cunning in my arms scold. Sometimes others will envy said to me a brother is really good, it must be very happy, but I always sneer, say, want to give away?

" [we are ten years old, you have become my precious]

although you always make me angry, but since you came into my world, joy seems to never stop.

we're collecting all kinds of cartoons and animated films. To play the game, play football together, quarrel bicker, together with each other for practical joke, keep secrets, let me in the face of heavy load at the same time, also can have a small world with your playful joy.

gradually, every time I go out shopping, I would like to buy something for you, what delicious, fun, always buy a back to you. Just to see you happy and surprised little appearance. Come back to the fun place, always the first time to share with you, and agreed to take you next time. See to sell children's clothes and shoes, will not hesitate to buy the home through the streets together with you.

you like to sneak into my bed and sleep next to me in the morning before I wake up. I like staring at your sweet sleep when you sleep again.

at that time, I can always clearly feel the passage of time, a minute, a little bit. Although it lasted ten years, but everything is so quiet, beautiful.

then I went to high school and came home once every two weeks. I lost your sweet sleeping face every morning. I wonder if you will ever get used to the day without me at home Mom comes to me every week, and you don't forget to pack my favorite snacks in the bag. Once, I always thought you took half of my love, in fact, you also learned to share and give me more love. You are used to what you buy, half to your sister.

maybe this is the subtle and magical relationship between blood, the two hearts linked together, never separated.

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