My father is rich, and he refuses to hold back!

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" under the bus lazy, full of vitality into the class, this great contrast, I can't wait to join the discussion, the original class is talking about "my dream".

a male student took my hand and proudly told me, "teacher, teacher, my dream is to travel around the world."! "

," I smiled, "and what have you prepared for your dreams?" "

" I don't have to prepare. My father has money! "

," said another classmate, "your father's money isn't yours."! "

," said the boy, "what's the matter?" When my father died, all my money was still mine! "

," I asked him when I saw the conversation deadlocked. "Then have you been to any place?" "

boys playfully on tiptoe:" France, Italy, Britain, I have been to, I have to go to more places! "

hasn't waited for me to speak. A girl turned her eyes 360 times and said," can you speak English? "

," returned the male student. "No, but my father has a private guide. She can translate."! "

dialogue stalled again, and I was speechless, only satisfied biezhao! "

is really rich, really! Yes! Money!

", the world, rich people really a lot, so this kind of child is not rare. As for rich people's children's dreams, it has nothing to do with money, just because it is not bad money! But, with dreams and no struggle, is this life really good? Family inheritance, inherited his father's last three generations of the rich but the life we must let it always repeat it? Show off their wealth, competition of family background finally become a cheating big baby "of the story will continue on?

, "poor dad" and "rich dad",

1999, "two dads" story - rich dad, poor dad was published, and for a while, the heat burned all over the world 109 countries.

because the book, many people embarked on the road of financial management. After reading this book, we quickly set off a slave from the "master" of the upsurge.

why did this change happen? To answer this question, we must first look at what this book tells what the protagonist Kiyosaki the father of two: "poor dad" is his biological father, a high school graduation is not good financial investment entrepreneurs. Kiyosaki followed the path of life that poor dad designed for him: going to college, military service, attending the Vietnam War, and walking through an ordinary beginning of life. It was not until 1977 that Kiyosaki witnessed the loss of his "poor dad", and that "rich dad" became one of the richest people in Hawaii. Kiyosaki resolutely pursue "rich dad" footsteps, into the business world, from now on the "enrichment" express.

Kiyosaki to experience the wealth of stories showing the "poor dad" and the "rich dad" distinct value for money and wealth. The poor work for money, the rich let the money work for themselves.

now, do we want to be "poor dad" or "rich dad"? Do we want our children to be "rich" or "valuable"? The latter half of the

book presents a variety of financial and investment knowledge in a vivid manner, and in half the length tells the most crucial step - action. It is necessary to cultivate children's knowledge of investment and financial management, and more importantly, let children have a new creative idea - to be the master of money, to make money work for themselves and to become valuable people.

we may have known, but we never put it into action. We always called very anxiety: Homework procrastination, addicted to the game, violent beatings, runaways, poor grades, so picky about food, etc.. Excessive anxiety leads to excessive attention to the problem itself, which directly drowns the child's autonomy and forms a vicious circle. Life is full of problems instead of looking for solutions. And this negative state makes children a negative pessimist.

I want to travel around the world with dad's money

I want to be a CEO - father and son

I want to have a happy family, father to buy wife

gave this I buy a car? Have you got everything when you have dad? Money has everything? Do you want your children's dreams to come true? Park Geun hye expensive for the president is not a woman to show off Hyun dad pulled into the water? Let's not train a kid who will only "dazzle" and not "do".

a list of paper helps you break the vicious cycle,

life is not hopeless stagnant water, swept the United States, families of "wish list" gives hope. Point to the future, realize the dream, change the child "lazy" status, let the child become valuable people.

more than once I have recommended a family agreement like "wish list" to my parents. This Agreement requires the full participation of the family, encourages the occurrence of behavior when the desire to achieve, while the act of unanimous denial will be punished.

in a word, this agreement allows all members to fully experience equality and experience behavioral consequences in schools and societies, in the aftermath

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