Meizu, NOKIA, big deal: mBack licensing

Meizu NOKIA Transformers

qudongzhijia· 2017-05-26 15:40:48


and NOKIA will hold a joint press conference in June, but in the end what to play has been speculation, some say will release a charm blue E2 version of the Transformers to pay tribute to NOKIA, some said Flyme will open 6 to NOKIA mobile phone system. According to

three users to rowing our latest puliao, Meizu and NOKIA will be involved in the work of Meizu iconic mBack touch technology to return, the two sides will hold a spy photos show "mBack cross licensing cooperation communication", and has set up a cooperative group based on Meizu & nobel.

mBack" is the first Meizu this point no doubt, but the friends of reference to the technology also let Meizu very headache, even puliao, "which is a strong> Meizu have to a vendor to send lawyer the letter -- you guess?

and Meizu does not stop in the opponent's charge level, has been quietly designed a new mBack interactive operation, and apply for a patent.

patent documents show that Meizu plans in the mBack button integrated LED lights, can automatically identify the current screen to display the required operation, and then different brightness, color, pattern and text display information corresponding to the operation, such as a single arrow represents the return, the need to display the "disabled" two words.

such innovation, I take.

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