Dragon Boat Festival with baby travel 2 problems easily solved

Baby baby breast milk

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, dear ones, mom and Dad, do you know? After the Dragon Boat Festival, we have to wait until the national day for long holidays. Speaking of this, mom and dad are already "ready to stir up", ready to make good use of these 3 days vacation with baby travel? However, the baby can not travel with adults as "casual", especially in the eating and sleeping problems, the baby may have requested. How to solve it? Don't worry! The answer is about to be announced. Baby

in the journey to eat travel abroad, in the aspects of the adults can eat less fastidious, do they rushed to the next spot. But the baby can not afford such a toss, the baby still needs regular meals on the way.

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is still breastfeeding baby, breast milk is the only food. Mothers can guide the tourist to know whether the scenic spot or the shopping mall provides lactation places, such as the nursing room, and arrange the arrangement in advance. Self driving can use clothing to avoid the window, in the car breast-feeding. Mothers can also prepare a portable napkin, and with the cover of the napkin, mothers can meet the baby's needs anytime and anywhere.

formula milk powder, milk powder box of

, and to drink formula baby, go out of the milk powder, but we do not imagine simple. Formula milk powder, bottles, hot and cold water can not be less. But how do you bring the milk powder? Do you take a can of milk powder into the scenic area? Nonono~~~ mothers can choose a combination of milk box, before going out in the milk box, put the exact amount of milk powder, just bring the amount of milk you need every day, so that the mother's backpack a lot of burden oh. Baby

journey of sleeping and not sleeping

mom and dad having fun, baby wants to sleep; or enjoy the play of the day, mom and dad are tired, but the baby is due to unfamiliar environment can not sleep. Faced with these circumstances, mom and dad can do so.

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on the car to save space, pushing a lightweight stroller, visit process, even if the baby to sleep, mom and dad can also let the baby lying down to sleep comfortably in the car. Want to be relatively simple, you can prepare a special baby strap, so that the baby can also feel at ease in mom and dad's arms sleep. Of course, and the most concise way to choose from the scenic area closer to the hotel, when the baby wants to sleep, mom and dad need to take turns in the hotel can take care of.

environment strange, the baby does not want to sleep,

with home in the portable baby bed, let the baby sleep in his own small bed, mother is no longer afraid of the baby after going out to recognize the bed can not sleep. If you don't have a baby cot in your home, you need a new one. Mom and dad have better buy it in advance and give the baby a week or so to fit into the new bed. Of course, in addition to carrying the baby bed, the mother can also carry the baby with sleeping bags, blankets, small toys before … … familiar with the baby to sleep small items, can also help the baby to get a sense of security in a strange environment.

baby eat well, sleep well, mom and dad natural peace of mind tour, this Dragon Boat Festival, let mom and dad and baby are carefree travel.

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