Lovers quarrel, the woman in anger, sleep on the road, was killed

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huanqiuwang· 2017-05-26 18:04:47

it is normal for a couple to quarrel, but a man and a woman in Bozhou have gone too far and have run into the middle of the street to argue.

" in the evening, in the city of Bozhou Wei Wu Avenue South, a car in the motor vehicle lanes hit two pedestrians, traffic police immediately retrieved the pavement monitoring, but also the original incident scene. At that time, a man and a woman had a quarrel, in the process of noisy, the woman played a temper, and actually ran to the middle of the street, sitting on the ground, how do not want to get up?. Subsequently, a number of motor vehicles to see two people later, have to avoid, but not long after the accident occurred.

, the woman was knocked out of the car two meters away, head to the ground, after the rescue died. The man was seriously injured on the right side of the car, the accident scene left a lot of blood.

Liu Zhen: according to the people's Republic of China Road and Exchange Act regulations for the implementation of the provisions of article seventy-fourth, pedestrians shall frolic in the motor vehicle lanes, but in the accident, the two pedestrians long time stay in the vehicle lane, which is one of the causes of the accident. As a motor vehicle, driving at night is not safe, and it is also one of the causes of accidents.

" small words: calm, patient, if family members or couples with small disputes and contradictions, should also calm resolve into the street, noisy, petulant, really bad.

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