Music as sports transformation town will lay off 20%~30%

Music sports layoffs Ningbo

tengxuncaijing· 2017-05-26 21:28:59

Tencent finance author Guo Yifei

trapped in financial crisis LETV sports finally ushered in the white knight.

5 26, LETV sports announced progress in the B+ round of financing, as part of the old and new shareholders and the Italian sports ecological park in Ningbo (National Ecological Park) under the fund confirmed participation in the B+ round, the investment valuation reached 24 billion yuan.

in accordance with the financing agreement, the Italian Ningbo ecological park subordinate funds will participate in the music, sports, B+ round of capital increase. Among them, the use of music as a sports town project high-quality integrated construction land, the capital is the main asset, and in addition to part of the cash. At the same time

, HNA capital, Ze culture, investment, Pingyin MIPS can mine, New Oriental Wealth, Pai capital, Yunfeng fund and individual shareholders on behalf of 8 people, and the management of the company on behalf of 1 people, a total of 9 people set up the strategic development committee of music as sports, to provide support for the company to upgrade transformation. Meanwhile, as music, sports management and some of the old shareholders, plans to invest holdings of shares of the company, and the depth of the company's shareholders to optimize the structure of the holdings of shares, the funds will be used for the company's follow-up business development.

it is understood that the plan as the music sports town, located in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, transportation is very convenient, is expected to become a three city sports tourist attractions.

sports CEO leizhen music as a sword said that music as sports will do sports town, "we will tilt team core competencies and resources to create music as sports town, hope to explore a successful model, and copy it to other areas, expand the sports consumption of the population, promote the sports industry upgrading.

in addition to the construction of sports town, LETV sports also plans to move its headquarter to Italy Italy Ningbo ecological park, Ningbo ecological park as one of the Chinese eight national ecological park, will formulate special policies to support the project landing, a series of preferential policies to support the transformation and upgrading of the enjoyment of music as sports, and further promote the development of local sports industry.

at the same time, from this week onwards, as music sports open layoffs program, the proportion of 20% to 30%, the company is currently around 700 people, is expected to retain 500 employees. Among them, the intelligent hardware sector has become a disaster area, the staff were all cut, and the remaining layoffs from the media content and marketing sectors. The shift between

and layoffs is a shift in the direction of the company's business. And in December 2016 will focus on the strategic adjustment of copyright content business is different, the biggest change is to adjust, sports town, event operations, fitness and other services as the representative of the line of business, will be at least the next three years as the core business of sports. Li Keyu, general manager of the eight party Global China region, will take over from CMO, who is responsible for the event operation.

at present, Qiang Wei, this month will be the end of the job went to the listed company Pathfinder CEO.

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