Jiang Xinxuexue William Chan would rather Chansi can not get fat.

William Chan Jiang Xin the song of joy the net red

tanzi· 2017-05-27 06:36:13

In the second season of "Ode to joy", Jiang Xin began to gain weight without any sign of

, which provoked controversy. She played the Shengmei fan set is a big beauty, once fat, is not so persuasive. And Jiang Xin skeleton was originally big, but also wear a pullover, directly from the white-collar young women became pregnant in October pregnant women.

" in OL's small suit also very badly behind Doyle, a one way to estimate clothing group also did not expect Jiang Xin will look much fat … …

Jiang Xin is easy fat physique, even worse, she can eat specially, it is said that appetite is three times of an ordinary girl, to spend 8000 dollars a month to eat it. Her is always eating and drinking with an unrestrained style of painting. And she likes to eat, and are particularly greasy, very high calorie food.

Jiang Xin's motto is, "chowhound world only double chin not happy" … …

" as Reba as the force of concave, Jiang Xin is just like nature itself chowhound set. She can drink a cup of coffee for a person can drive tens of miles, a person can participate in activities before doing two large bowls of noodles, eat a bowl is empty, there is no sense of burden. It is said that Jiang Xin is especially fond of supper, the same group of actors could not stand, advised her to eat

users because "Jiang Xin should not be fat" topic raised the roof, the Jiang Xin still eat joss stick, the crew. When a large makeup to a pancake fruit, not eat completely Tuozhuang ah

" the netizen said, as an actor, do not know how to control the body, it is not occupation moral. After all, the original Fan Shengmei only 100 pounds less, but Jiang Xin quickly soared to 140 pounds of … …

is naturally prone to fat actor, can only rely on self-control acquired to maintain the body. See William Chan take "South tree" spoiler photos, a comparison that fat and fat determination are different.

everyone around eating ice cream, only William Chan watching

face the life without love ~~~

" don't look now, William Chan is very thin, in fact, that size he is also the water will be fat, small is a little overweight.

, after entering the entertainment industry, William Chan desperately slimming. But light exercise is also useless. For fat people, especially a fat eating man, it is more important to keep body shape! Section! Food.

, William Chan really had a hard time trying to control his weight. Assistant in eat noodles, he can only watch helplessly but cannot eat, then also helpless hair micro-blog, "life will always encounter a lot of devil, willpower is made of this"

assistant to reply him mercilessly, eat your protein

William Chan eat protein every day, when the film "Tiemuzhen". In order to show the image of Mongolia big sweat, William Chan must keep a beautiful sinew meat instead of pork. So William Chan ate only a little protein and a little chicken breast every day. Feel he ate every bite, you are suffering

in William Chan Wang Sicong's program "hello" is a goddess, is all red net to weigh, a girl said she gained a pound. Chen and so on fried chicken, surprised to ask them, "you are not going to debut?" Can I have a fat one? "

," William Chan said. "He shares his weight loss experience with net red. He didn't eat rice, noodles and other staples to keep fit.". And it's forbidden to eat any more after 5 o'clock p.m.. Supper, this kind of thing, for him, is simply Arabian Nights.

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