Trump "shelling" German car industry: Germany is really bad!

Trump Germany the United States the car

hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-05-27 07:54:10

said:" the United States President Trump 25 and EU leaders met

[global network reporter Zhang Ao] NATO summit held in Brussels in Belgium in May 25th, U.S. President Barack Trump during the summit Taylor: first in the new NATO headquarters the opening ceremony of a hand pushed in front of Montenegro prime minister, to talk to others, then urged NATO leaders to "fair share" defense spending. Agence France-Presse quoted Germany's Der Spiegel on May 26th, saying that President Trump held a 25 - day meeting with European Union leaders on the German car sales industry in the United states". According to

reports, Trump 25, President of the European Commission, Jean Claude &bull, President of the European Council; Juncker Tusk and other senior officials meeting, during which he said: "the Germans really bad, too bad". According to people attending the meeting, Trump accused Germany of a trade surplus with the United States, saying: "look at the millions of cars they sell in the United States.". How awful. We have to stop. "

" quartz "news said, in January this year, Trump told the German" Bild "has said in an interview, in order to allow producers in the United States for import shop, assembled in Mexico BMW automobile to impose a 35% tax.

BBC quipped, "Trump is using action to prove who is the boss of NATO."".

also in 25, the German Prime Minister Merkel morning with former president Obama took place in Land Brandenburg in front of the democracy will be the theme of the discussion. Bild reported that Obama was "star like" popular with the German audience. In his speech, Obama denounced isolationism and xenophobia, saying "we can't live behind a wall" and euphemistically criticized Trump, the successor.

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Trump "shelling" German car industry: Germany is really bad!

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