Hong Kong media: the giant component or for the 40 thousand ton amphibious ship

Dalian military Jiangnan Li Jie

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Hongkong "South China Morning Post" website published in May 25th entitled "why Chinese did not begin to build the next aircraft carrier" reports, according to informed sources, the next generation of China type 002 aircraft carrier construction work has not been started.

, some military experts told reporters that China is still studying how to build safe and reliable 002 type aircraft carriers equipped with steam ejection devices.

recently posted pictures posted by military enthusiasts on the Internet, showing a number of giant ship components at the Dalian shipyard in Liaoning province. It is speculated that following the April 26th Chinese's first aircraft carrier made of 001A type water, the shipyard has already built 002 aircraft carrier.

"on April 26th, the first domestic aircraft carrier China launching ceremony held at the Dalian shipyard. "These components may be segmented by warships, but not by type 002 carriers," said Zhou Chenming of the

Institute for strategic and defense studies.

Zhou Chenming said: "the 002 type aircraft carrier project has not yet been finalized; … … in accordance with China's defense industry tradition, all aircraft carriers are built by a shipyard, this statement is not reliable basis."."

last December, a network of video shows, a Chinese military experts said in a lecture, "002 type aircraft carrier" has been in March 2015 in Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard started construction. But another source close to the military said there was no indication that the Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard was building an aircraft carrier. The unnamed source said: "Jiangnan Shipyard won the contract is plausible, but if it was two years ago already started construction, we should at least some components or even a ship seen in the shipyard."

"in the Dalian shipyard has been pumped dry dock large ship assembly

Zhou Chenming said on the 002 aircraft carrier should be conventionally powered aircraft carrier is also a nuclear powered aircraft carrier is still controversial. He said: "this will be decided by the leadership, as the aircraft carrier project involves a strategic weapon related to China's long-term, comprehensive defense program."." Navy military expert Li Jie

of Beijing said the leadership of the security as a priority, 002 aircraft will be the first ship to use the steam ejection system of Chinese aircraft carrier, "there is no need to catch up with any opponent". "Installing steam ejection installations on the flight deck is more complicated than building a ski takeoff ramp like the Liaoning and 001A carriers," says

Li Jie. He also said that China successfully completed land-based tests on the steam ejection system, but said it solved part of the problem.

"China has a steam catapult system. "The steam ejection test on land is very different from the ship's operation," says

Li Jie. On the land, which is an independent operation, but once the steam ejection device is mounted to the ship, we must make sure that the ejection device in a very limited space and other integrated system can run smoothly."

, a military observer in Macao, said that the huge ship components in the Dalian shipyard may belong to China's 075 amphibious assault ship (Huang Dong). The size of the amphibious assault ship type 075 is the same as that of the American wasp class amphibious assault ship, with a full load displacement of about 40 thousand tons.

USA wasp class amphibious assault ship

military sources said the type 075 amphibious assault ship was built by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation owned by Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group Co. Ltd., and Dalian shipyard are likely to share part of the construction work.


Hong Kong media said China carrier crews is still "student": built the strongest navy still time

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Hong Kong media: the giant component or for the 40 thousand ton amphibious ship

Hong Kong media: the giant component or for the 40 thousand ton amphibious ship

Hong Kong media: the giant component or for the 40 thousand ton amphibious ship

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