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anzhuozhongguo· 2017-05-27 13:29:10

in the previous report, iPhone 8 will have an unprecedented change: including screen fingerprints, comprehensive screen design and so on, and said iPhone 8 will postpone the release. But from Apple's latest action, no, it should still be launched in September.

iDropnews according to foreign media reports, Apple has officially issued a memorandum to internal staff leave, which from September 17th to November 4th this period of time, employees can not leave for any reason, and what does it mean?

" Apple stressed in the message, the next few months they will usher in big events, new products have been on the road, where most people excited about new product release and sale will start in September. PS: change is so big, not at the same time delayed release schedule, has been very fast, the ability to integrate... This is an apple on the industrial chain of

" this year Apple employees can not leave time is relatively long, there are those who broke the news, because iPhone will launch three models, so the need for longer. The new iPhone

Apple usually held annually in September at the beginning of the conference, and then went on sale later this month. September 17th of this year is Sunday, but Apple may start selling new phones later in the week, or hold a conference around September 17th, and then start selling new phones later.

" for the three new machines to the name of the publication, the latest news shows, the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone will not be called iPhone 8, its name will be very special, such as iPhone Edition, and the remaining two is iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

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