Millet Max a year sold a lot of next week is a grab and

Millet Android Xiaolong

zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-05-27 14:38:21

millet has just recently released large screen mobile phone Max 2, and the relevant statistical data is also disclosed: since last May, millet Max released, the total has sold 3 million units, of which 1 million 500 thousand were completed in two months after the release of last year.

Max a year: Lei Jun millet sold 3 million (source Sina micro-blog)

millet Max 2 built Xiaolong 625 mobile platform, 6.44 inch Full HD screen, 4GB RAM+64GB/128GB ROM. Front 5 million pixel lens, rear 12 million pixel lens, battery capacity of 5300 Ma, the factory pre installed Android 7 system.

millet Max 2 next Thursday and offline synchronization sale, the current appointment millet official website has 1 million 380 thousand. Presumably next Thursday will be a joy, some people worry about the fight.

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