Why doesn't Wang Wei give Ma Li face?

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Wang Wei said: "we are in the market segmentation, focus on mining industry at B2B depth, and the location between the rookie and Suning is not the same. "

5 26, SF announced a strategic cooperation with UPS, set up an independent joint venture in Hongkong, in China's domestic market and the global international market in full cooperation, focusing on cross-border trade, expanding the global market. Joint venture company registered capital of $5 million, SF and UPS joint investment of $10 million, respectively, holding 50%.

as China and the United States' two largest logistics express giant, SF and UPS together, will be complementary in logistics, network, scale and other aspects, to improve efficiency.

UPS (United Parcel Service) and Federal Express (FEDEX), Germany (DHL), DHL Holland day delivery (TNT) and the four major international express delivery giant. However, due to policy implications, UPS until 2012 to obtain express business license in china. In China, UPS mainly relies on the historical advantage to layout international express service, while the domestic express service is not competitive because of the fierce competition, and the foreign express pricing is higher and slower. DDT released the "China express industry development report" showed that foreign express business accounted for only 1.2% of the market share, while the proportion of international components as high as 84.9%.

on the other hand, SF's domestic service network has covered 331 prefecture level cities nationwide, covering 2620 counties and cities, with a coverage rate of 97%. In recent years, SF actively carry out the process of internationalization, has opened in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other 51 countries of the courier service, cross-border B2C and electricity supplier mail service covering more than 200 countries and regions. Over the past 3 years, SF's international business has soared from 270 million to 1 billion 100 million. Although the international business revenue accounted for not more than 2% of total revenue, but in 2016 compared to 309% year on year increase, is SF's fastest growing business.

this choice and UPS set up a wholly-owned company, SF clearly in the global logistics layout, and Alibaba want to widen the gap.

were all alert rookie

5 on Sept. 22, 2017 in the global smart logistics summit, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma speech, the audience full of three one of the main China almost courier company responsible person, but there is no SF and its president Wang Wei, no Jingdong and its president Liu Qiangdong.

"I tell you, one billion parcels a day will not be more than eight years, and it will probably be in about six or seven years.". "Ma Yun said that China's express industry in recent ten years to create a miracle of growth, in 2016 China issued a total of about 30000000000 courier parcels, for several consecutive years to become the world's first express big country. Today, China averages nearly 100 million parcels per day.

"a lot of companies are already on the market, and more logistics companies are queuing up, but I don't see any difference between going back to the city and not going public.". "And the listed financial capital, express logistics enterprises spending way, direction, strength and angle, also let Ma feel" wrong".

Ma Yun believes, "to solve the so-called" three gold "or" hardware "or, is the basic guarantee of all courier companies, if this can not guarantee, I believe that the Chinese express industry can not walk three years. But what we have to solve is the future of our employees, and they will have more job opportunities and better growth in the future, not just a job. "

Liu Qiangdong, although not to the scene, but still separated from the response to Ma Yun's statement. He said, now everyone is on the market, the money, and soon the world's first, the boss called the richest man in all regions! This time still does not solve the courier five social insurance and one housing fund problem is Heaven and earth will not tolerate!

" and the other one did not go to the scene with Wang Wei, SF announced a partnership with UPS strategy, expressed their attitude.

as one of the three sections of the Alibaba's, Ma pinned great expectations for the rookie, released in May 18th by the Alibaba 2017 fiscal fourth quarter and full year results, led the formation of the "rookie rookie League" rapid development, in addition to electronic and intelligent face single warehouse made no small achievement, rookie is pushing Chinese logistics upgrade from the past "shipping competition" to "the competition / next day. In the 2017 global wisdom logistics summit, the rookie also issued a new brand identity, and a number of joint car companies and express logistics company launched 1 million new energy logistics vehicles.

industry but many have from this speech in some different taste smell. Rookie hope "unified" express logistics industry, to share all the logistics data to it, but also because of the particularity of identity, from the beginning of its birth, it is in the industry has become the countless enemies, the population "vigilance" object. In May 28th

2013, Ma set up a rookie network. At the beginning of its establishment, it attracted four links, one up, and every day and SF and other courier giants to join. At the beginning of the establishment, the rookie League was all the rage, and the rookie, the post office and so on were really generous.

remember, Ma was appointed as chairman of the rookie network in the speech, the four links, one up and SF and other express made contribution to China's logistics, expressed great affirmation. At the same time, the most important thing about the interests of express companies is: "we do not."

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