The carp King defeated the Dragon King? Nintendo's new game is almost magical

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" if, let us in spirit treasure can elect the strongest dream wizard, will to choose from but unable to agree on which is right; the weakest in spirit, I believe many internationally would shout out the same name:


Lei Wang, as long as the water can meet the various fishing rod, can avoid the battle only by jumping up, no one wants to exchange wizard.

, is such a war five residue, but by virtue of their stupid appearance and capture the adorable game player's heart, also beat Picacho counterattack become after Pokemon after GO, second to IP Mobile Games paoko dream hero.

this tour hand name is "jump", carp king! "Has been on the shelves in japan. want to give friends, under the scanning two-dimensional code, AppSo (micro signal AppSo), reply "0527" to get the download link (iOS & Android) and App Store registration method on account.

is the carp king!

opens the game, and with the familiar BGM, our elf doctor is on the stage.

there are a lot of fairies in the world, and you will be the most successful carp king!

OK, wait, what? Be a carp king!

, yes, the mainland, carp king in this game is absolutely the leading character!

everyone dote on carp king, fighting dedicated carp Wang, we decorated it with beautiful patterns, beautiful fish pond layout, and even super popular protagonist Picacho give it gas refueling.

although the protagonist has become a carp king, but the story has never changed: led your carp king, challenge 8 Avenue Museum, to win the League championship.

the world of carp Wang, even fighting is fun.

, jump! Carp king!

as the saying goes, "carp jump in Longmen," we have a foolish carp king, has other incomparable advantages: jump very high.

games borrowed from the carp king will only jump characteristics, this world, everyone is not fighting, but who carp King jump high!

" magikarp can help improve jumping ability by feeding, exercise and spirit, with the increase of magikarp grade, size and capacity will rise fast, and enhance the character level to unlock more items, in order to magikarp ahead! Isn't


looked blankly jump to Congdi magikarp altitude, the uncoordinated movements of the total Renjunbujin people; every win you are fighting with magikarp results, when you hold a magikarp stand on the podium, the heart will be full of pride.

generation" are more powerful than generation!

early carp king, after all, the level and jumping power is limited, after doing their best efforts, we must meet their retirement life.

in the game, if a customs hall Road, or the full level of challenge still fails, you should choose a new magikarp culture, no sad, retired after magikarp will occasionally appear in the pond to accompany you.

" with the increase of training experience, every time to cultivate new generation, will be faster than before many, fishing and character upgrades, you can catch more good grades, stronger magikarp.

, with a new generation of carp king, dominate the alliance!

of course, this is a krypton gold game!

why does his carp King jump a thousand miles while I can only jump ten meters?

why does he have all kinds of pets, and my only Picacho?

why is his fish pond gorgeous, while mine has only stone algae?

that's because you … … poor.

you want gold coins and diamonds to achieve better results. The currency in the game, except for combat capture and random gold coins, is also the diamond obtained by krypton.

gold bonus props are not satisfied? Diamonds can buy better effects.

caught carp King dissatisfied? You can catch a diamond once more.

" each carp kings are patterns, individual value difference, the more rare pattern magikarp, ability value will be stronger, and a chance to catch the European royal gold glitter variation magikarp!

of course, that's the risk of fishing. Krypton, please be careful.

random events and achievements of

in addition to the training stimulus and subtly malicious daily hard challenge, the game also set a variety of interesting random events, in particular event after a chance.

don't think things are going to happen well. Risks and benefits coexist. Sometimes greed can happen unexpectedly.

game and the achievement system, can complete the diamonds and gold coins, subtly malicious achievements

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