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Modern Express News (correspondent Wu Shuai Zhou Yang reporter Lin Qingzhi) recently, Zhenjiang District of Dantu City Public Security Bureau cracked by the Ministry of public security by selling poisonous and harmful food case, one was arrested for selling counterfeit drug suspects, and successfully seized "kidney platinum", "old Chinese" toxic "health products" box more than 60. In May 27th, the bureau announced the process of solving the case. Since the

" part of counterfeit

suspicious boss was tracking 5 days to expose the tail of

according to the Zhenjiang Dantu police, in 2016, much of the country selling fake Viagra case, the Ministry of public security set up a task force to supervise the handling. During the police investigation, a shipment of goods was sold from Hunan to Zhenjiang. The Ministry of public security will provide clues to the Zhenjiang police, and assigned to the Dantu District of Zhenjiang public security bureau. In early 2017, the Dantu police set up a task force, led by the security forces to investigate the case.

police investigators according to the wire reported that, located in Dantu New District, a medical device company has a major suspect. As a result, police plainclothes to the company for unannounced visits. But the police proposed to buy Viagra (male), the boss said they do not sell here.

"the police several times to buy nothing, case investigation into the bottleneck. Is the boss prepared for it? Or is the line wrong? Members of the task force wondered. Zhenjiang city Dantu District Public Security Bureau official said, although the bad start, but the police did not give up this clue, but continue to send the police to track the boss, in the process of tracking a few days ago, the boss was not suspicious behavior, the fifth day tracking, he finally revealed "fox's tail".

police found the boss never sell drugs in their own store, but like "salesman" personally run errands -- carrying a bag of Viagra to the city to sell various places of prostitution clients.

in May this year, police investigators in the preliminary proof work, immediately implemented the arrest of the boss, and seized all kinds of "Aphrodisiac" more than 60 boxes.

try to eat their own found the effect is not good after

are still selling the face of police interrogation, confessed to the side of a suspect to his selling fake viagra. According to a statement, in May 2016, he went to Shanghai to participate in a drug exchange conference, at the meeting, a exhibitors recommended to his company's aphrodisiac. Fang Mou sees, this medicine box is full of foreign language above all, and still relatively cheap, leave the contact way with the manufacturer on the spot, reached preliminary collaboration intention.

returned to Zhenjiang, Fang will let manufacturers shipped, and soon he received nearly 40 boxes of "Aphrodisiac", respectively, "kidney platinum", "old Chinese medicine", "VIGOUR", "a good" and other 4 categories.

a fake began, in a square to open his own medical device company selling the drugs, did not expect the business is poor, did not sell a box; later he went to other pharmacies to sell, but they don't. Just seeing the goods into the side of a hand to hit, anxious.

later, Fang thought about what people needed most of these things, not the price, the supply of goods and so on Finally, he focused on the body to clients.

in a try, took a few boxes of medicine went to Zhenjiang city some informal "bath" and "leisure center" around, see someone to go in, he leaned over and asked whether to have a box of Viagra to add to the fun, he told customers, these drugs are imported, especially good effect. The other side sees that the boxes are all wrapped in foreign languages, which means that they really are imported health care products and have bought them at higher prices.

square this found a market, not a few days, inventory will be sold out. Subsequently, a party from the manufacturers into a batch of goods, but I did not expect this batch of goods have not all sold out, he was arrested.

investigation, the party around a total of nearly 40 boxes of "Aphrodisiac", profit of nearly 2000 yuan. Police have learned that the drug does not have any food or drug production license, the relevant departments identified, these drugs after eating, the human body will have varying degrees of injury.

according to a party that he had also taken the "Aphrodisiac", was feeling unwell, face "bar fire", but also help to sexual life is not particularly obvious, then you do not eat. Fang said, "I did not expect the sale of these things will violate the law of the country, but also criminal law, and now feel very regret.".

currently, Fang suspected of selling toxic and harmful food, has been taken criminal coercive measures by the Dantu police.

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