See foreign visitors how thousands of chasing the thief to retrieve the lost iPad

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tengxunkeji· 2016-05-04 19:27:03

< p align = "center" >看国外旅客如何“千里追贼”找回丢失的iPad

< p > Tecent science and Technology News May 4th, for ordinary people, if the trip airline accidentally lost their iPad or iPhone, we can do perhaps only to the airline declaration or to the airport the lost and found department for filing, but find the success rate generally is not high. < p > but recently there have been a name for the Shelby Bonnie (Shelby Bonnie) British passenger does not seem to be ready to give up your iPad, but through unremitting efforts, "thousands of miles of pupil" like back his beloved iPad. < p > it is reported that Bonnie body investment banker initially take to fly from San Francisco flights in the Bahamas, he during the trip will iPad on the back of the front seats, and in the next time the plane forgot to take. Then, Bonnie started by the find my iPhone app, Apple released the official used to retrieve including the iPhone, iPad and MAC and other equipment special application) try to find my iPad, and surprised to find his iPad after leaving their unexpectedly "travel" 1000 miles arrived in Memphis, Tennessee. < p > in the city of Memphis stayed for about a week, the location information of the iPad and show the reached the Florida airport, but bonnie is almost at the same time from the airport to San Francisco.

"it flew back to San Francisco, and it was only about 1000 feet from me. It was very strange." Bonnie said. < p >, Bonnie with the find my iPhone application activates the alarm function (i.e., the equipment will be after the receipt of this indication voice arouse the attention of others), but Bonnie but still have no way to have been found in the vicinity of, hear iPad figure. When subsequently accepted an interview with the New York Times, Bonnie said when he almost gave up the iPad back expectations, just hope from time to time by the iPhone Findmy find have some fun.

at the same time, he also said that if iPad Facebook eventually reached a thief's home, he will send a balloon to celebrate. In fact, Bonnie does. It is reported that Bonnie was spent 50 dollars buy a bunch of balloons and a letter "thank-you" sent to the iPad to the location of the place, but then soon the equipment again in moving state of the. < p > lucky is that the iPad last foothold is returned to the original airport, and airport lost and found department also call for bonny informs him of the situation.

"they told me that an old lady who had been in the old age had returned to the airport a few minutes ago. The old lady said he received the balloon, and that the iPad should be returned to the airport, just do not want me to call him." Bonnie said at last. < p > worth mentioning is that during this period the Bonnie has been regularly on Facebook post status updates, and his behavior is also appealing to the attention of hundreds of followers.

"this story is even more than the" power of the game "(of Thrones Game) but also interesting." A friend said Bonnie Facebook. (Rui Jie)

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