Guizhou knife wielding man had burned the gas station before the incident

Suspect sanitation worker Z

ZAKERguiyang· 2017-05-29 12:02:10

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5 28 15 09 Zhenning County, North and South Street intersection Hongyan mountain stabbing incident occurred, resulting in 2 dead 18 injured. After the incident, reporters rushed to the scene the night, and restore the suspect Chen wounding knife case.

29 0:45, less than 10 hours after the case. However, after a brief adjustment, the scene of the incident - Hongyan County Road, Zhenning County, has gradually returned to its former scene of liveliness.

" Hongyan Road intersection, two taxi parked on the roadside, two taxi drivers chatting on the side waiting for passengers. A barbecue stall in front of about 20 meters, from time to time people come to buy barbecue, 3 vendors are busy awfully. Continue to go forward, although it is already 1 in the morning, several restaurants have not yet closed the facade. At the same time, go out to eat late snack, play pedestrians still quite a lot.

it's scary to have such an event in the county seat, but it's only a case. "In the chat," said a taxi master. In his opinion, the suspect was soon under control, for everyone to eat a reassurance. In addition, after the incident, the whole street was patrolled by a police car, and everyone was very safe. "If the suspect is not caught, which dare to roam the road, has long been hiding at home.". "He said.

suspects the attack route)

then, in a panic within a few minutes, what happened to you? In an interview with a number of witnesses and merchants, route and process a reporter to restore the suspect Chen a knife: Chen first riding a motorcycle with the Zhenning County Huangguoshu Waterfalls avenue a gas station, gas station staff cut, and set fire to grab the oil; then ran across the road on the sidewalk. With a knife, telling anyone to kill, a road attack; then trot into the red rock mountain to continue the attack after a stretch, ultimately controlled by the police.

A, the gas station: dispute suspects stabbing and set

29" at 2 pm, reporters in Zhenning County People's Hospital learned that the severely injured victims have been transferred to other hospitals for treatment, only a few wounded slightly lighter a little injured in the hospital. Among them, Sinopec gas station staff Xiao Yan (alias) is one of them, she lies in the Zhenning County People's hospital surgical ward on the bed, has been asleep. Her 3 relatives sat aside, watching her.

" according to their families, the same day at 3 pm, Xiaoyan as usual, in the gas station to refuel vehicles. At this point, Chen riding a motorcycle came to the gas station, asked Xiaoyan to refuel him. However, the other side asked to directly put the oil into the motorcycle fuel tank refueling.

" according to the introduction, in accordance with the provisions of the motorcycle to refuel, motorcycle should be parked in the specified location, the oil into the tank, then pour into the motorcycle oil box composed of drum. Due to compliance with the provisions of the gas station refused to give the Chen refueling. After that, Xiaoyan went to refuel for other drivers. But as Chen Fang was filling up, Chen came over and stabbed Xiao Yan in the waist and buttocks.

, since then, Chen suddenly ignited the oil grab, and continue to spray fire on the ground.

gas station monitoring video display, at 15:11 on the same day, Chen holding the already lit oil grab, continue to smoke flames to the ground. Two workers tried to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher, but had to run back because the fire was so large. Chen also ran away from the gas station and crossed the highway about 60 meters wide (Huangguoshu Waterfalls Avenue) and ran across the sidewalk.

B, the memories on the sidewalk is a road running, a

" (the incident is being engaged in activities of the car)

it is understood that the gas station across the ramp is a garage, the garage is to engage in activities, the scene of many people. Chen rushed into the crowd, almost see cut, all the way assailant. In the meantime, the 59 year old Zhang Fuhong also chopped, but fortunately there is no danger of life.

, Zhang Fuhong introduced the elderly, his right leg suffering from disability, when he was leaning on the right hand crutches, watching the side. He turned back when he heard a noisy yell. At this point, Chen has come to him
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