The son's wanted mother talked all night and persuaded him to surrender

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Modern Express News (correspondent Xu Yuejin Zhang Yucheng trainee reporter Mao Xiaohua) September 2015, Wuxi Yixing Gumou came to Taizhou Jiangyan, the implementation of the theft in a number of Internet cafes, then Gumou left Jiangyan incognito. In March 2017, Jiangyan police issued a police arrest warrant on the new media platform, such as micro policing and Jiangyan online, and Gu was listed among them.

for Gumou mother and police WeChat chat

recently, Gumou mother found her son by WeChat was listed as online fugitives, sad first time information to Gumou, and persuade the initiative to surrender. May 26th, the suspect Gu Mou and Jiangyan police contact, expressed willingness to surrender. At noon on May 29th 12, Taizhou Jiangyan Public Security Bureau police station deputy director Fan Xiaojian Qintong and 3 police together, traveled more than 2600 kilometers, the fugitive Gumou escorted back to Jiangyan from Hunan Loudi.

mother saw the son wanted to persuade them to surrender

2015 in September, Wuxi is only 17 years old, Gumou due to family reasons to flee to Jiangyan cafes repeatedly commit theft, a total value of 15 thousand yuan. Jiangyan police work, eventually locked suspects, Gu, and carry out online pursuit. After committing the crime, Gumou began his escape life, came to Hunan to work incognito Loudi girlfriend home.

2017 in March, the Jiangyan public security by using "Internet plus" thinking to carry out detection pursuit, and Jiangyan police released micro online and other new media platforms in Jiangyan wanted the police to carry out national security, the pursuit of work, Gumou among them.

5 month, Gumou mother by WeChat found that his son was listed as online fugitives, sad, will be the first time the information transferred to Gumou, and persuade the initiative surrendered for leniency from the new life. "The child takes the road to crime and has the responsibility of being a mother. "Gu Mou a mother said, when he and his father after the divorce of the child, the child to the father, and his usual neglect of discipline, the child in those years basically on the outside wandering, and even eat food has become a problem.".

"I see arrest warrants from WeChat, and I never expected my son to go on the road to crime.". "Gu said a mother, since seeing the arrest warrant, the whole night can not sleep, son after all, only 19 years old, if you go to jail, life may have left a stain, but he made a mistake after all. "I sent him the wanted order and told him he was guilty of the mistake.". "Gu said a mother, her son in Hunan, Loudi girlfriend's home work, after two mother and child all night long talk, and finally persuaded the son.

" for police Gumou and WeChat chat

26 this month at 7 pm, in the mother's persuasion, Gumou summoned the courage to surrender, the police take the initiative with the Jiangyan public security by telephone, expressed their willingness to take the initiative to surrender. The public security organ for leniency.

WeChat chat help suspects thought to reduce the burden of

26 on the evening of 8, Taizhou City, Jiangyan Qintong police deputy director Fan Xiaojian that Gumou surrendered after the news, to take the initiative and contact and mutual Gumou together with a WeChat phone from a friend, ask the police to bring it back to Hunan Loudi.

"all right, don't have the burden of thought, and next time make sure you don't make mistakes anymore." in order to stabilize the mood, Fan Xiaojian communicated with WeChat through his ideas. Faced with the fact that the tickets for the Dragon Boat Festival were tense, Fan Xiaojian decided to drive to Hunan. Early in the morning on May 27th, Fan Xiaojian and 3 colleagues drove to Hunan, on the road, fan yuan has been with Gu Mou WeChat contact, and through the mother of Gu repeated persuasion and education.

map Gumou mother WeChat asked the judge judgment, may be sentenced to prison in Yixing, convenient to take care of his son.

in a few days, Gu mother has been through WeChat do some work, and to stabilize its emotions. "I don't have any other requests. When I judge the judge, can I sentence him to the prison here in Yixing so that I can take care of him nearby?". "

, and in order to prevent time for a long time to produce variables, midway 4 police in addition to a short meal, rest, it is constantly take turns driving, finally in the evening of 22 Xu arrived in Hunan, Loudi.". That night, the police and Gu Mou contact, Gu request evening and girlfriend confessed related afterwards, second days morning and police agreed to meet place.

police drove more than 2600 kilometers back and forth will be back to Jiangyan

5 28 in the morning, when the police again and contact Gumou, Gumou because my girlfriend is pregnant and other special circumstances and ideological changes, so Fan Xiaojian again and Gumou for long time telephone communication.

"the crimes committed by you and not too heavy, and you were still under 18 years of age, surrender will get leniency, maybe you can get back to your girlfriend have before now, the total can not escape a lifetime for this small … …" Fan Xiao phone said heart alive the words.

", "

", "Gu Mou" surrender, from Hunan, Loudi and police back to Jiangyan, the end of the car

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