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in the "Three Kingdoms" second half debut of the generals Zhang Shu Yi, is a romance not essential in a supporting role. The man often appeared with Zhang Yi, and many people thought they were brothers. We obviously Wan Sitong historiography in Qing Dynasty influenced by Luo Guanzhong, edited by the "Shu minister chronology" does not, Zhang Yi included, Zhang Yi Shi Shu who is the reason for decades, to the death of the office just Dang Kou general (fifth, miscellaneous general). Who does not like Zhang Yi Luo 12000, seems to be related to the "Three Kingdoms" author Chen Shou a gossip. Chen Shou: "I have seen Zhang Yi Yu Zhang Yi appearance rhetoric, not terrible". Zhang Yi is a public appearance that ordinary people face.

" interestingly, Chen Shou in the history of the Song Dynasty and the concise narration is known, the emperor had ordered Pei Songzhi to make note of the note, Pei Kingdoms is spread so far ". This is the laconic Chen Shou, Zhang Yi did not hesitate to use ink, a very luxurious space for its mass. Zhang Zhi Shu Yi biography is 1746 words, in the civil and military officials in the fourth biography. Superstar Zhu Geliang, only to create outstanding service in the founding of Shu method (2189 words), and Zhu Geliang Northern Expedition strategy heir Jiang Wei (2169 words), the two people are very familiar with the characters in the word more than Zhang yi. In addition, Guan Yu's (1146 words), Zhang Fei (926 words) that is not in the super length of founding hero biography and Zhang Yi par! Romance and history of treatment have been, Zhang Yi today has been submerged in history, the legendary life worth write a great deal about nature.

"Zhang Yi in Wuhou Temple (right for Wang Ping) and

from Qianwei county (now Sichuan city in Leshan province) in the family, a debut as Liu Beishu Zuo (equivalent instruments) Zhang wing, was born in Nanchong in Berkshire (now southern Sichuan county) Zhang Yi is a hundred-percent the common people. He lost his parents at an early age and became an orphan long ago and was unable to receive a good education. Since the Western Han Dynasty Yizhou have a saying called "Shu, Pakistan", this is because Shu county because of governance in the Western Han Dynasty the introduction, the cultural level is higher; and Bajun since ancient times is the valiant Palestinian settlements, martial has become the only way to Zhang yi.

" by virtue of their own efforts diligently, in Jian nineteen years (AD 214 years) are just adult when the county Gongcao (equivalent to the county level cadres Deputy Branch). At the moment Liu Beizheng and Liu Zhang launched the battle for Yizhou Yizhou, the local government is in the state of lack of coordination. Nanchong saw a group of bandit Shu chaos, give full play to the spirit of the occupation of the wholesale fish in troubled waters, down the mountain county robbery. The magistrate was scared to confound the sudden changes, rush was discarded small escape, resulting in the county fall. In a Zhang Yi county because the glint and flash of cold steel, has promoted the grace's sake, a man risked his life to rescue the magistrate's wife from brigands hands, and after the rendezvous painstakingly protection lady and cowardly magistrate.

Zhang Yi this blockbuster, in Berkshire to brave loyal famous, is the two thousand stone prefect well-known officials Gong Lu, Yao Zhou to associate with. In this two fellow recommendation, Zhang Yi served as the post of Yizhou in (equivalent to the provincial government general staff). After more than ten years, the kingdom of Shu Han: take Hanzhoung, Jingzhou change radically lost; cut the dead Jaap, defeated Yiling, for the South Guan. But no matter the career trajectories of Zhang Yi and shaking heaven and earth of the intersection, he just from one engaged in coming to the Commandery (equivalent to the Municipal Public Security Bureau).

obviously, the focus on Menfa's, Zhang Yi is material Yong, but the family has greatly restricted the development of his. However, there is always a bright day for gold.

" by LITE-ON for five years (227), Prime Minister Zhu Geliang Tun Hanzhoung, planning the northern expedition, the country supplies Everfount to Hanzhoung shipped, Zhang Mu to thief with a gang of bandits in the not far from the capital city of Chengdu transportation hub Guanghan County, Mianzhu county (now Deyang County of Sichuan Province, North) openly steal munitions, looting people, even officials will inevitably be blackmail. Zhang Mu event at the crucial moment is Shu northern and central, resulting in adverse social impact. The task of

arrest the culprits, have landed in Guanghan Wei Zhang Yi shoulder. Although Zhang Yi is no longer before the no strength to fight back the Gongcao, but in the face of this shocked the country's major cases, Zhang Yi at this time or military spirit provisions conducted extensive reconnaissance. He found that Zhang Mu Gang is a group of people who commit crimes criminals, if to put up a pageantry hunt will only make them difficult to be dispersed, they arrested, more cannot prevent each other again. How will they catch, for others it is really a problem. This rather than Zhang Yi, have the courage he began to show for a.

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