Essential intelligent mobile phone Andrews father tomorrow?

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zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-05-30 07:30:24

this morning, share a message created by Andy Rubin of the new company Esstential through the official twitter account, told fans tomorrow is a big day, 's move or implied high-profile use of high-end borderless screen, intelligent mobile phone after the shell and the depth of integration of ceramic AI is coming soon.

left Google for nearly three years, Andy Rubin founded Essential, painstaking research in intelligent mobile phone. According to Bloomberg reports, the company intends to launch a smart phone big killer. Allegedly, this cell phone will be designed without borders, the screen size will be larger than iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inches screen, unexpectedly will use ceramic rear shell, and equipped with intelligent connector for connecting peripherals.

not only that, the new mobile phone will be equipped with AI technology, as for how to present, yet knowable. In addition, the phone's operating system has been "pig teammate" Schmidt (Executive Chairman of Alphabet) leaked, still Android system (difficult or iOS)?

" in addition, according to twitter leak maniac Benjamin Geskin revealed that the mobile phone screen is very likely by 18:9 the ratio of length to width of the currently popular 5.7-5.9 inch screen.

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