Looking for the World War II final battlefield report three: sunny weather Changshan - the upcoming expedition

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-05-30 11:02:55

" [global network reported correspondent Sassou] in front of more than 5 in the morning bell, in our hotel room, Mr. Shen Keni has opened his collection to the Japanese military topographic map

" this is a large map showing the Japanese border including Dongning fort, and map logo can be seen clearly that japanese.

this map was drawn by Japanese troops after reconnaissance of Soviet positions. The top of the figure is where we are today in Suifenhe and Dongning Fort Changshan line.

day Mr. Shen looked at the map when looked focused, the weather forecast has the battle commander.

yesterday said there will be rain today. This is the thing we are very worried, because the Changshan area before the days in the rain, the rain is detrimental to the investigation, but this morning when we opened the curtains when they found out the blue skies.

, from the hotel where we live in the customs, can be seen far away from the clear sky. It seems that today's inspection can be carried out on time. According to our plan, at eight this morning, we will start from here, take the bus to the forward camp at the foot of Tian Long Shan, and then start hiking up there. On the way, visit the site of the Japanese fortress in the mountains of heaven, and go straight to the top of the main peak of Tian Long shan. It is also a major fortification of the present day long fortress, the site of the core fortifications. Who would have thought that the mountain was once the last battleground in World War II, on the slopes of that mountain, where there were fierce battles. I have a documentary in the hands of the Soviet Red army.

can see the photographer is from the foot of the hill was captured in the documentary, and at this time the Japanese still occupy the heaven mountain peak, in the film to the Soviet Tiantangshan launched storm and can be seen in the film after the Soviet soldiers were wounded in advance to bandage the scene. At this point, I can not help but pay tribute to the war correspondent who is reporting on the front line. Today we went up the hill the enemy may have two, one is the rough road, many times because of the recent rain, so the mountain road is not too easy, another is likely to be found explosives and other dangerous goods, while the former us today seems to be under God bless, the latter? Because there is already a pre-test staff examined in this area, so we may encounter a little less difficult, but the harassment in the mountains on the way may encounter some wild animal -- you don't have to worry about, and not a tiger, but called the tick parasites, they are small creatures vampire the.

in the preliminary examination, the inspection team Zhang Qiankui was this little thing attack, also had a minor operation. Since the mountain is a rare place for people to go to the mountains, I'm afraid they will be regarded as "dim sum" as a "snack".

in the previous study, we use drugs and equipment to avoid their harassment, today we are still wearing protective clothing, such as every one of us will plug in the neck on the towel, prevent it from falling into the neck. We will wait and see what the specific results will be.

a little joke to you before, the place we live to the Suifenhe customs, Suifenhe customs is towering in under a clear sky. A joke has been circulating in the customs. That is one day a national leader came to the city of Suifenhe, after the customs inspection is not happy to see you, feel strange, and asked the leadership of what things, let him feel unhappy, you said the heads of Suifenhe is just a small border city, how to repair the customs of the customs building is higher than Beijing.? It is so cunning be busy at putting up installations before the people of Suifenhe will answer like this head, actually this building is not high, the total number of layers on you than CUSTOMS BUILDING in Beijing is much less, but because our customs are dealing with Russia, but Ross is relatively high, so our building each layer repair is relatively high, so the overall look is a little bit higher. It is a joke joke with the Northeast humor and rough, but by the window, we can see that Suifenhe is not as we imagine the so-called border town, but a very modern city.

it is said that Suifenhe is China's first fully completed the digital management of the city, and here the construction of a building but also let us feel, even in the border of the motherland, can also see the development of China.

Suifenhe Ukraine style restaurant - "greedy bear" the international wind blowing

so, let's go, you want to see in the world war second was destroyed by fire positions? Today, we'll show you around.

we're going to Tian Shan, a pseudo Manchuria

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