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The submission,

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tournament should be the most serious and the most important topic of this concept was not one of gaming.

, the commercialization of sports competition, in essence, is the content of business. The event is the core of the content business, but also an important part of the energy source, and constantly ensure that high quality content output.

world cup is FIFA paizhexiongfu said to the world, I guarantee that this is the best in the world to see the game, in turn is Ti V agency paizhexiongfu said to the world this is the most cattle DOTA2 game, S series is the Riot finals with a big top told this is the best way to see the earth earth hero alliance.

" but the events in this business, belong to the category of E-sports DOTA2 and LOL still has some gaps, and the author of the two game point: DOTA2 pace is too fast, LOL is a too big. What kind of game is the best game? Let's start with a few questions,

, the first Or, the difference between the third events, the first contest between the two sides of the

, is the control and the right to host the tournament. It's kind of like the difference between Unix and Linux, and that's the biggest difference between open source and closed source.

" on the great extent, the DOTA2 third party events mainly is stronger than the first party event of the league, but on average, but did not have the league tournament level higher than.

cool opening, promo creative game, all star game playing on the menu, no sound studio passion taunt - even from the use of some wonderful patterns of traditional CM mode in the game, let DOTA2 diversification in the tournament and diversity has been greatly enriched, this is rich the opponent is not hold a candle.

for orange orange health Huainan, born elsewhere may become a bomb. Third party events may appear if poor player audience quality three, Voices of discontent., the host can only keep a smile, this devastating blow would lower the overall same event highlights. And the emergence of high-quality events and destruction in the end is to rely on official checks, or the survival of the fittest, no one can give an answer. This is the only tournament topic completely out of the previous discussion.

" traditional sports although every sport has a corresponding inventor, but no one can have the absolute right to speak for the game. The opposite is for the movement itself, the poor relevance of the alliance, such as the emergence of. From the regional NBA to the world championships, from the European Cup to the world cup, strictly speaking, only the concept of the first party. That is, any regional league is responsible for FIFA or FIBA. Before the

in DOTA2 and LOL are not born, the world belongs to the golden age tournament WCG. This ancient and memorable event brand. As the third party of the event was the face is also to attend to the tournament game game makers, with their accumulated years of reputation, the success of the WCG to LOL as the representative of the game makers a lesson: high degree of exciting game is able to attract a large number of game player attention. Later V agencies have simply make the cake completely open to third party event permissions, right to choose whether to participate to the team itself, and S series are set up their own league system after the third party event time and energy compression to a minimum. After the recent League of heroes announced its withdrawal from IEM, LOL has no third - party event that can bring together international teams.

" is obviously the ills, the third party is the public events for the game model of innovation and the lack of opportunity for trial and error events, third party assistance and innovation, into the league in recent years the competition early single position, almost a year comparison of the change of Ti a more scientific system, S series system is too stable to let some people have criticized.

we can make it clear that the first party will be the ultimate form of the future tournament system, and the third party event is an important part of the first party competition to perfection and perfection. The more prosperous the third party events, the more the first party will learn from it. However, for the third party audit, you need to be more strict, otherwise, it is easy to appear in one year WCA's whole field of drag racing and the special event has been resisted.

transnational OR League regional exchange of big chess,

hero League event, the biggest criticism is probably the world's lack of competition and the uneven development of the division. LCK is a thriving, the world is all the other Division second competition, one year only one game each division will have the opportunity to compete in the tournament season, could not see the LCK second swing world scenarios.

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