Li Jiacheng asked Alfa, the father of the dog, to give himself a lesson. He was very excited and stood up several times

Li Jiacheng artificial intelligence Alfa micro-blog

zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-05-30 19:14:39

Li Jiacheng,

89 years old, enjoys the forefront of the popular cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence.

according to Li Jiacheng foundation official micro-blog May 28th news, Li Jiacheng met with DeepMind founder and Alfa dog (AlphaGo) father Demis and Mustafa in Hongkong in May 26th.

" the micro-blog also offers Li Jiacheng watched "Alfa dog" and kija game picture in front of the tv.

5 month 26 days, Li Jiacheng had prepared the "paper ink", micro-blog said, "because the DeepMind two founder of Demis and Mustafa to Hongkong for his' class', explain the research direction of artificial intelligence and applications of various stages of achievements, Mr. Li will excerpt notes. "

"during the meeting, the development of Demis view of how government policy support and balance of artificial intelligence, he said on artificial intelligence for the development of national defense and weapons without worries.

", Mr. Li is very excited to attend the lecture, several degrees stand up, and the founder also hurriedly accompanied by courtesy. "The micro-blog wrote.

Li Jiacheng expresses, can participate in DeepMind early investment is precious fate. Li Jiacheng's investment in Victoria Harbour in 2012 has been Deepmind investors, in 2014 will be sold to Google shares, and get several times return.

in November last year, Li Jiacheng's investment in Victoria Harbour also led the smart emotional response virtual avatar developers Soul Machines A round of financing.

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